5 Go-To Resources About Estate Planning


There are many benefits to estate planning, and one of the most important is peace of mind. Estate planning is a way to protect your assets during your lifetime legally. Regardless of your wealth level, it would help if you considered estate planning. Here are five go-to resources for planning your estate.


Wills and estate planning are essential for many people. These documents help protect your family and ensure that your wishes are followed. In drafting your will, you can hire an estate planning Orlando attorney. In addition, you can find several lawyers to help you with these legal matters.

A quality estate planning attorney can help you with your estate’s legal issues. An attorney can help you with all the intricacies of the process. Whether wealthy or not, estate planning is vital to protecting your assets and those you love. A qualified estate planning attorney can help you create a plan.

Asset protection strategies

Asset protection strategies are essential to protect assets from creditors and predators. This includes creating a Lifetime Asset Protection Trust, which can cover a beneficiary’s assets during their lifetime. The trust also has tax advantages. In addition, you can protect your family’s assets from creditors using multiple layers of trust. This is particularly important for sole proprietors of businesses. This type of trust may also be beneficial for the owners’ assets.

Another standard asset protection method is establishing separate legal entities, such as a Limited Liability Company or a Family Liability Partnership. These structures can shield assets from potential creditors and lawsuits and help you avoid paying extra capital gains tax. For example, using a Family Liability Partnership allows you to retain control of the partnership and prevent the need for a Trustee. However, while corporations can protect assets from creditors, these structures have certain limitations.


The process of creating and administering a trust can be complex. To ensure that your estate planning documents are valid, hiring an attorney with experience with trusts is important. An experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the process. You’ll also benefit from their knowledge and experience, which will help you get the best results.

There are several types of trusts. Generally, they fall into two categories: revocable and irrevocable. The first type cannot be changed once it has been set up, and the second is revocable. Property transferred to an irrevocable trust can only be distributed according to the terms outlined in the trust documents. Ultimately, this type of estate planning will benefit your loved ones even after you’re gone.

Powers of attorney

When you choose a POA, you give someone else the power to decide for you. While this can be a daunting process, it is essential to select a trustworthy individual to carry out your wishes. A POA should name a primary and backup person and spell out what they must do on your behalf. After establishing your POA, you should consult with an attorney to ensure it complies with state laws.

There are several types of POA, and they all carry different levels of authority. For example, the general POA grants broad power over personal matters, while the financial POA is more specialized. While general POAs are generally the most useful for the most comprehensive economic issues, they aren’t used very often because they are so broad, and people are wary of giving this kind of power to someone else. It is also important to note that a general POA is immediate and continues until the principal becomes incapacitated.

Digital assets

If you are considering estate planning, one element you should consider is using digital assets. You should make sure your document includes provisions for digital assets. In addition, it would be best if you also backed up your electronic information and used tools online to create a digital inventory. While these items are not as important as your real estate or financial assets, they should be included in your plan. Taking these steps can ease your mind and prevent unnecessary hassles down the road.

The list of digital assets is not exhaustive, as new technology continues to emerge, which invites new types. A Personal Representative should focus on obtaining passwords and identifying online assets. This is important to avoid legal hassles. You will want to avoid the hassle of probate if you can. In addition to the cost and time of filing estate tax returns, using digital assets in your estate planning will help avoid unnecessary expenses and delays.

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