Champion Pet Food Lawsuit – What it is All About


The company that makes Orijen and Acai Pet Foods is being sued by both regarding lawsuits for falsely advertising their pet foods. Richman Law Group is currently suing Champion Pet Foods for two separate consumer groups.

Richman’s lawsuit against Champion Pet Foods was filed in June 2020 and claims that they falsely advertised their pet foods by stating that the pet foods can cure cancer and other ailments. According to Richman’s lawsuit, they purchased their pet’s food at a local grocery store and then returned it to be processed and re-packaged at a third party company. When the processing of the pet food was done, Richman noticed that a chemical called “flavenox” had been added to their dog food.

Flavenox is a veterinary drug that has been linked to bladder and kidney problems in humans. When Flavenox is added to pet foods, the pet food becomes less nutritious and the effects of the drug become more evident. This results in pets getting sicker and with more health problems over time. This is not an isolated case and has been found in numerous cases across the country.

Another lawsuit is being filed against the company, Richman claims that they did not disclose this fact about the pet food in their advertisements and they still sold the food to their customers. This was a mistake that was made, according to Richman. In addition, Richman claims that they are still selling the same dog food that they have been selling to their customers.

According to Richman’s lawsuit, the pet food sold by Champion Pet Foods contain ingredients that are harmful to the health of the animals and even cause death. They also do not list the ingredients on the label and there has been a lack of training from the company on how to properly label pet foods.

According to Richman, one of the consumers that Richman sued was named “Jane Doe” and purchased food from Champion Pet Foods. She later found out that the ingredient being used in the food that she was purchasing was a cancer causing substance called “flatufin”. This substance should not be on any pet food that contains dogs because it can actually cause cancer in dogs.

According to Richman, Champion Pet Foods knew that their pet foods were containing a cancer causing substance called “flatufin”, but they did not tell their customers this because of the profits that they would be making from the sale of this product. Because of this, many of their customers have developed cancer. Many of these dogs have died from eating this pet food. These deaths have left many people in mourning, especially those who were very close to the animals.

According to Richman, the company has been trying to avoid a lawsuit, but it seems as though they are afraid of losing the case. Richman claims that they should have taken the time to fully explain to the public that these pet food products are dangerous. They have not responded to the lawsuits yet.

According to Richman, his attorney is working on contacting the State Attorney General and asking them to investigate the company for a possible legal action against the company. Richman is hoping that the Attorney General will be able to prove in court that Champion Pet Foods intentionally lied to their customers and that they have been doing business illegally.

Richman’s lawsuit against Champion Pet Food also claims that the company has been selling food that contains steroids and antibiotics. The ingredients in these pet food products have been banned by the government. Richman claims that Champion Pet Foods knowingly gives their dog food to their customers who will consume the food anyway, regardless of whether or not the ingredients have been banned by the government.

According to Richman, Champion Pet Food has also been selling dog food that has been injected with a chemical that is believed to be the same as a cancer causing substance, called azoxymethane, which is used to treat oil spills. According to Richman, the company claims that the company was aware of the potential danger of the chemical in the dog food, but they continued to sell it anyway. They claim that by using this chemical to treat the dog food they were violating the Federal Meat Inspection Act, but they did not alert their customers that they were putting it in the dog food, so the dog food did not contain this chemical.

According to Richman, he is filing this lawsuit because he believes that the company does not care about his dogs and that they have been selling bad dog food to their customers for too long. He hopes that this lawsuit will help him get justice.

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