Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter


There is a new class action lawsuit against Twitter. In November 2012, Twitter was taken to court by the United States government for failing to take measures to stop users from posting illegal activities on their site. The US government, representing the Federal Trade Commission, argued that Twitter should have more effectively restricted its users from posting any content that encouraged law breaking. According to the government, it was not in the public’s best interests to permit speech that encourages violence or other illegal activities. In a class action lawsuit against Twitter, the plaintiffs are asking for $75m in damages.

Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter

This suit is interesting on many different levels. For starters, it highlights how difficult it is for governments to control what its citizens are able to post on their sites. Tweeting lawsuits like this one show that this problem is much bigger than many people realize. Secondly, it shows the difficulty of regulating such social media sites as Twitter.

Class action lawsuits provide a rare opportunity for ordinary people to take legal action against companies they feel have mistreated them.

These suits allow people who are typically unable to mount a successful lawsuit against large corporations to receive some form of justice. It is difficult for ordinary citizens to present a case against a large company in court, simply because the corporations are usually well-funded and can easily defeat a legal challenge. Furthermore, the courts tend to favor large companies over small businesses. The United States Supreme Court has also refused to hear cases brought against Internet service providers for censoring their users’ speech. It is unlikely that any of these situations will change.

This class action lawsuit against Twitter comes at a particularly precarious time for Twitter.

Since the company acquired Twitter, it has grown significantly in popularity. It currently has over eighty million users and is one of the most popular sites on the internet. As a result of its rapid growth, many investors and venture capitalists have put their money into Twitter stock. In addition, in January 2009, it was reported that the CEO of Apple had considered buying Twitter but decided against it due to the long process required for a successful transaction.

Many different individuals and groups have been targeted by the lawsuit.

Many users have been targeted for harassment either through messages or via the hash tag #mob. Messages have included death threats, racist messages, and more. Because Twitter is a popular site where millions of users congregate, it is easy for an individual to create a persona and then send threats to anyone within the user’s network of friends.

The class action lawsuit against Twitter is being brought on behalf of users who feel they have been affected by Twitter’s harassment policy. The suit argues that since the company only allows registered users to post limited messages, the company is guilty of violating the First Amendment. Additionally, the users argue that the policy encourages employers to discriminate against them by not hiring them based on race, gender, or religion. In addition, the users say that they have been personally affected by the harassment.

The users ask that anyone who feels they have been affected by Twitter be allowed a class action lawsuit against Twitter.

This would allow the users to receive monetary damages from Twitter if they are correct and prove that the company has been guilty of discrimination. This suit could also open the door for Twitter to change their policy to allow registered users to post unlimited messages.

The suit also claims that Twitter has created a hostile environment for its users and advertisers. Users have complained that their advertisers have sent them messages informing them that their advertisements will no longer be displayed on the site. Further, there are advertisers who have stopped advertising on Twitter, citing the hostile climate created by other users. Since there are currently no laws against this type of behavior, it is unlikely that Twitter will change their ways, so it may be necessary for the users to take legal action to receive compensation for their experience on the site.

11 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit Against Twitter

  1. I want to join a class action suit against Twitter. They ‘temporarily suspended my account BECAUSE AFTER READING an article written by European Scientists on the realtruthnetwork .com “How Covid vaccine may destroy lives of millions.” I WAS SUSPENDED FROM TWITTER FOR ALLEGEDLY PASSING FALSE INFO ABOUT THE COVID VACCINE I ask Dr. Fauci questions on Twitter after reading the article- Is it true that the Experimental mRNA “Gene Therapy ‘ vaccine is wrapped in an HIV envelope for delivery into genome & may cause a false positive HIV test & cause chronic inflammation? And why did Pfizer-Moderna-& Johnson & Johnson seek LEGAl protection from the courts> ALL 3 REFUSING TO RELEASE CLINICAL INFO TO PUBLIC UNTIL the YEAR 2075??? In other words under the direction of Dr. Fauci, they are refusing to tell you what they injected into MILLIONS of children under 12 yo for 55 YRS! AS CONGRESS EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM TAKING RISKY JAB! #FauciForPrisonForViolatingHisHippocraticOathTimesInfinity “DO NO HARM.”

  2. I am a born-female. I am a sexual assault survivor of a transvestite male. I harbor no ill will toward any good human regardless of their identity. I responded to a tweet of a born-male with a T-shirt that said, “Real Women Have Dicks”. I said, ” I guess you can be a cunt with a dick.” I am banned from Twitter and they denied my appeal. I am the daughter of a 1960’s TV Star. I feel so displaced. I guess I am less of a woman than a transwoman and deserve less respect. Even my trans friends think this is awful. The world just keeps beating me down.

  3. I’ve had two and now possibly three accounts all suspended by Twitter over a reply to a joke picture which was intended as a joke. Twitter first sent the warning to delete my ‘reply tweet’ in which I did. Twitter then ‘suspended’ my account. So I opened a new account and did not say anything controversial and Twitter suspended that account for no reason other than I use the same phone. I too want to join this class action lawsuit and expose the person or persons at Twitter who are responsible for this to myself and for everyone affected.

  4. If joining the class action suit would get me reinstated, then I would sign up in a heartbeat. Then, again, signing up might mean never being reinstated. All I ever did on Facebook and Twitter, like countless others I suspect, was to constructively criticize, without threat or malice or the use of socially unacceptable language, opinions or actions that I believe to be contrary to the spirit of our democracy and harmful to our country. The first amendment was intended to protect the fundamental right of every individual to speak freely, be they conservative, moderate or liberal, regardless of party affiliation, religious preference, gender or station in life.

  5. Twitter permanently suspended my account , stole my google photo, assigned me a new account name and FORBIDS Deactivation of my account, will not allow me to remove birthdate nor location. I am ONLY allowed to add/follow CDC, WHO. Period.
    The corruption is too much.

  6. we need a open simple web site to join the class action against twitter i am one of many most, likely in the hundred of thousands who have been blocked for using the word dirtbag traitor racist accountable and point out simple law enforcement ways that were not used on criminal crimes on the election i have tried to go the path they want but still im band for life this is being done to many and now have problems on all sites i want to join a class action and i want to promote accountabilities that are need from twitter i cant see a class action under 10 billion dollars not being fair for so many americans have been hurt by twitter

  7. don’t care if my account is ever reinstated.

    I want whomever in the government and at twitter’s previous regime responsible for my banning (and silencing) to face repercussions which should include monetary as well as legal penalties.

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