Class Action Lawsuits Against Ashley Furniture


The Class Action lawsuit against Ashley furniture focuses on the manufacture of DuraBlend fabric, an off-brand of furniture products sold by Ashley. DuraBlend is said to be a ‘smart fabric’ that can make old furniture look as good as new. It is said to be woven with a special ‘teeth’ pattern. As such, it claims to improve wear and tear of furniture that already exists, while adding a fresh new look that better suits the surrounding furniture.

Class Action Lawsuits Against Ashley Furniture

The lawsuit also claims that the DuraBlend fabric flaks and flakes off easily, exposing an unattractive, rough and off-white bottom layer beneath. In addition, the lawsuit claims that the DuraBlend fabric is not strong enough to withstand heavy use over many years, and that it ‘defies chemical and heat treatments.’ The Ashley Furniture DuraBlend lawsuit aims to represent a Class of all people who bought furniture using DuraBlend in California between June 2021 and March 2021. It is also seeking damages for pain and suffering, loss of earning capacity, future loss of earning capacity, physical disability, and other damages.

So far, the class action lawsuit has been won by a plaintiff in California.

However, because Ashley Furniture distributed DuraBlend in more than just California, it would be important for other plaintiffs in the same case to join forces to sue Ashley. For now, however, there is little chance of success due to the extensive publicity campaign Ashley has undertaken to counter the class action lawsuit. Not only has Ashley paid for billboard advertisements, but it also invested heavily in TV commercials and radio ads. Without these massive marketing efforts, it is not clear how Ashley could afford to cover the costs of defending against the lawsuit.

As a direct result of the Class Action lawsuit, Ashley has already released statements to justify its furniture supplier DuraBlend, claiming that it is ‘an innovative and stylish alternative to traditional leather furniture’ Ashley claims that DuraBlend is designed to blend with existing furniture, giving furniture buyers a range of choices.

Furthermore, Ashley claims that DuraBlend furniture is made using ‘natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, rather than synthetic fibres, which can contribute to environmental damage’. Both of these claims are certainly true, yet they do not answer the question of why Ashley Furniture sold its own product, rather than licensing its manufacture to a third party. This question is best answered by taking a look at the products manufactured by Ashley:

The majority of Ashley furniture is up for sale on its website at discounted prices, including many designer collections. Some pieces include such iconic names as Fendi Versace, Burberry London, Chanel Cartier, Mulberry, Tsunami and Tiffany & Co. None of these brands manufacture any ‘realistic’ leather products. None of these companies produce anything that could remotely be considered ‘durable’ or ‘lasting’. None of these companies sell their own ‘realistic’ flaking furniture, but rather sell ‘fancy dress’ or ‘flakable’ flaking furniture which they license the manufacturer of.

Now, it may be argued that Ashley is selling licensed leather products, because those items have been approved by the Ashley Gold Label Commission – which licenses manufacturers to sell the brand and guarantees customer satisfaction.

However, one could also argue that by licensing the design to durable, Ashley is actually selling flaking furniture, because in essence they are simply passing the savings on to their customers. This is why the lawsuit against Ashley furniture is merited: because Ashley has not been forthcoming about the manufacturing process used in making their ‘realistic’ and ‘fancy dress’ products and therefore has not been able to control the supply chain.

Further, many of the ‘fake’ or ‘imitation’ Ashleys that has flooded the market in recent years, do not bear a recognizable Fendi mark.

The lawsuit against Ashley against Mulberry stated that a Mulberry factory in China manufactured most of the ‘fake’ or ‘imitation’ Ashleys that flooded the market in recent years. It is also worth remembering that many of the celebrity endorsed Ashley products have little to no value for the consumer, and are largely hyped hype. A celebrity does not need millions to endorse his or her product, and so a company can spend millions marketing a product with little return on investment. It is for these reasons that many large companies, such as Tetrapak, have chosen to focus on creating its own unique lines of fashion and upholstery blends, and allow other companies to create licensed merchandise for them. This allows these companies to keep costs low, while at the same time providing an image for the brand and the company itself.

The Class Action lawsuit against Ashley furniture would hold true to this principle, because there were indeed many ‘fakes’ of Ashley furniture being sold in the market place. But the original ‘Fendi’ fakes did not carry a Class Action Certification with them, nor was there any requirement that such furniture had to be covered by a Class Action Lawsuit. Therefore, this would apply to the ‘Danish’ line of Ashley furniture as well. As with the Mulberry lawsuit Ashley did not provide any evidence of any damage being caused to consumers purchasing ‘Danish’ styled Ashley’s. The original Ashley’s lawsuit against Mulberry was not brought on the basis of a Class Action Lawsuit, but on the basis of breach of express warranties, misappropriation of trade secrets and other such claims.

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  1. I bought a huge sectional said to be genuine leather .. yet within 30 days had problems with it they can’t fix it die to after I ordered it 30 days later it was discontinued.. and the years factory warranty nor the extended warranty matters.. they won’t fix the fake leather that was used in the armrest nor the control screens.. just take your money and give u a run-around.

  2. I bought a huge sectional said to be genuine leather .. yet within 30 days had problems with it they can’t fix it discontinued to after I ordered it 30 days later it was discontinued.. and the years factory warranty nor the extended warranty matters.. they won’t fix the fake leather dura blend that was used in the armrest and not said to be only it was genuine leather nor the control screens to make the couch work, massage, recline, heat, cool and lights.. just take your money and give u a run-around.

  3. Ashely will not give me my money back on a canceled order. It will be awhole year and on items that i never recivwfy. They give you the run around and do everything not to give me my money back. This has been since April 2021. I have to call them or reach out for information. They don’t mail out anything or call me back.

  4. whoever is suing these guys, needs to start looking at a little known TEXAS company called Zuri Furniture and their BBB reviews. A solid list of class members can be found, all with very similar quality problems and shoddy furniture and a company THAT NEVER makes it right. I have pictures, videos, emails, proof and evidence and am more than happy to be the class rep.

  5. Bought what was to be a leather sofa/recliner and matching recliner chair on 10/1/2015. Peeled within months of arriving. Even had the $300 protection plan. I have pictures and receipts available. Notified Ashley store in Middletown NY, Customer Care and Warrantech. No luck because I didn’t report the issue within 30 days of noticing peeling. I would have to pay for repairs. I had a cover over the sofa for years until able to look for new. Just found out about the lawsuit while shopping for new furniture.

  6. Same issue. Bought was to be leather sofa recliner and separate recliner. Bought 10/1/2015. Also had the Protection Plan. Within a few months peeling. I called Ashley, Warrantech and Customer care. Since I didn’t report the peeling within 3o days of discovery, warranty did not apply and I would have to pay for repairs, if repairable. I ended up covering the sofa in disgust.

    1. almost the same problem with a recliner couch $1300 and $335 warrenty that said the same thing about the 30 days,

  7. I placed an order about August 14 2021 for 3 bedroom sets and was billed 30,000.00 which I paid in full, furniture was promised within the month it is now May 17 2022 and I have only received about 1.5 sets I told them enough is enough please just give me a credit for the difference I don’t want to be jerked around any longer yet am still waiting and have seen no refund. Never in my life dealing with a major chain like Ashley have I been run around this way and just cannot understand why they don’t want to give me the money they owe me after they have used it for this long, it is supposed to be fun buying something new but not from Ashley’s I damn the day I ever walked into this place, I have been made aware of how incompetent, unprofessional, unethical, downright dishonest establishment this is, all they care about is making the sale and will lie about everything to get your money, then see yah. Buyer Beware..

  8. Purchased a sectional for over $2100. Received a defective product…crack in the chaise piece…then the armless piece…then the opposite loveseat arm started separating. We were given the run around, made numerous calls to Customer Service. NOTHING. We are stuck with a piece of junk and out $2100. Contacted Synchrony Bank and filed a complaint. Only to be told that Ashley’s has no records calls. We even went to the store three times to speak with management. Ashley’s is a horrible company. Once you purchase…they are done with you. The direction they tell you to go is to call the Customer Service number. They cannot help you once you accept the merchandise.

  9. DuraBlend couch and love seat I purchased in 2013. Has been peeling and cracking for a few years. They say it is nothing they can do about it. Unable to purchase more Funiture at this time. So, I try to keep it covered, as much as I can. I am not a happy customer.

  10. Ashley signature furniture has peeled and my head rests on my loveseat has been repaired wrong over stuff I am not pleased with Ashley furniture they are very hard to deal with And now I am having neck problems and headaches

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