District Attorney Charges Nine Rape Cases Using Paul Graves’ Theory


The Contra Costa County District Attorney has charged nine rape cases using the legal theory developed by Paul Graves. The Contra Costa DA, Diana Becton, attended Thursday’s hearing and praised the work of Graves. DeAngelo appeared in an orange jail jumpsuit and looked leaner than he did in previous court appearances. Victim families passed around tissues and dabbed their eyes.

Becton and Graves have been at odds for the last year.

After Becton won a four-year term, she demoted her opponent. This meant that Graves, who was the first district attorney to run for the position, has lost his senior status and will be replaced by a longtime deputy, Chris Walpole. Becton was a member of the Peterson inner circle, and he won the election with three supervisors’ votes.

In June, Becton’s political opponents endorsed a Democrat named Paul Graves as her district attorney, but the former DA’s office decided to demote Graves, who served as his boss for 22 years. Becton and Graves were not political allies, though they did have some similarities. Although both were appointed by Becton, Graves received widespread endorsements from the prosecutors’ union and defended his decision to promote Becton.

While Becton and Graves were not political allies, Graves is a 22-year veteran of the Contra Costa office.

He served as senior deputy district attorney in charge of the Family Violence Unit. After Peterson resigned, Becton entered the race, but the prosecutors’ union didn’t endorse him. Becton, however, was a new voice in the district attorney’s office.

The former Contra Costa DA is currently serving as senior deputy district attorney in the office of Dan O’Malley. Becton has been on the job for 22 years. In this position, he has worked on numerous high-profile cases, including the murder of Al Capone. Aside from being a good public servant, Graves is also an apolitically active democrat. And his wife, Karen, and their three children all live in the county.

Becton’s DA election campaign has been controversial, with several candidates vying for the job.

Becton is the only DA who has won the DA elections in both Sacramento and San Francisco. He is the only woman in the race who has a background in criminal law. Becton is the former Contra Costa County DA, and Becton is the current DA.

While the election campaign was contentious, Graves’s political experience was unquestioned. He is the DA with the most experienced in the Contra Costa County District. The DA in San Francisco is a long-time employee of the state. Both have a history of being highly effective. In addition to being a former district attorney, he is also a DA in San Francisco. While he is not a member of the Democratic Party, he is also a member of the California Association of State DAs.

Both candidates were considered the best candidates for the position.

Becton’s political affiliations were not well-known. He was close to the Democratic Party and supported her in the election. Becton is also a district attorney who has been endorsed by the Contra Costa DA’s union. A recent poll shows that both DAs were considered in the race. Becton and Graves are both well-qualified.

While Becton is the preferred candidate, Graves’ political connections are mixed. While Becton has a close relationship with Becton, the two were not political allies. Becton was the first to announce his candidacy. Becton’s election victory was not surprising as the DAs are not known for their partisanship. Despite their differences, both are committed to keeping the office politically honest and transparent.

When it comes to the Contra Costa DA’s sex crimes unit, Graves had a successful track record in the 1970s. He discovered a novel legal theory in the 1970s that allowed him to get charges against DeAngelo for rape during a robbery. The theory was later proven right and led to DNA evidence linking DeAngelo and the Golden State Killer.

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