Why Do You Need To Do a Civil Screening Before Hiring Someone?


If you are in the process of trying to hire someone, you need to make sure that you do a thorough check on every applicant you receive. In addition to thinking about their experience and educational backgrounds, you also need to think about their past. After all, you want to hire someone who is safe for your customers and employees. One of the most important steps you need to consider is a civil background check. Why is this so important? There are several key points you should keep in mind.

What Is the Difference Between Criminal and Civil Cases?

First, it is important to understand the difference between a criminal case and a civil case. A criminal case is one that has been reported to the police department. Then, the police do a thorough investigation to see if that person should be charged with anything. In contrast, a civil case does not involve the police department or the district attorney. It involves two separate parties, neither of which is the government. One of the easiest ways to remember the difference between a criminal and a civil case is that a criminal case can put someone behind bars. A civil case does not come with any jail time, no matter what the implications might be.

Not All Issues Are Reported to Police, Limiting Criminal Screening

One of the first reasons why you should always do a civil background check is that not all issues are necessarily reported to the police. For example, the standard of proof in a criminal case is significantly higher than that of a civil case. Therefore, someone may have broken the law; however, if there is not enough evidence to charge someone with a criminal case, there might not be any evidence that criminal charges were ever filed. On the other hand, if you were to do a civil investigation, you may find a potentially serious issue.

Some Criminal Charges Might Be Expunged

Next, some criminal charges might be expunged. Even if someone has been charged with a crime, there could be any number of reasons why the case does not move forward. For example, if someone is not willing to testify, the criminal case might be dismissed even if there was a lot of evidence. Then, if someone has his or her charges dismissed, these charges could be expunged. When it comes to a civil case, it might be more difficult to expunge these documents. Therefore, if you do a civil background check, you may uncover other issues.

A Civil Issue Can Still Be a Serious One

There is a common misconception that criminal cases are more serious and civil cases. Even though this might be the case, a civil issue can still be a serious one. For example, someone who accuses another person of sexual assault might take that person to civil court in addition to criminal court. Therefore, there are plenty of several issues that could be serious. Depending on the types of civil cases you uncover cover, they could play a role in your decision whether or not to hire somebody. As a result, you should always make sure you do a civil background check, as you may uncover some issues that could be more serious. You need to make sure you hire the right person for the job. This means taking a closer look at their background.

Make Sure To Conduct a Thorough Background Check That Includes Civil Screening

Ultimately, there are a lot of moving parts if you are trying to find the right person for the job. Even though you have a lot to think about, you need to make sure you conduct a thorough civil screening. Even though you should certainly conduct a criminal background check, you should also conduct a simple background check to make sure you have all the information before you hire someone. If you are unsure of exactly how this process works, you may want to reach out to a trained professional who can help you gather all the documents you need to make the right decision. This is the right decision for your company.

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