How a Spinal Cord Injury Can Change Your Life And How You Can Mitigate The Damages


Spinal cord injuries, herniated disc, and whiplash are pretty common during a motor vehicle accident but the most dangerous of them all is the injury of the spine. Based on the severity of the accident, the injuries can range from a mere scratch to permanent damage and lifelong disability. Individuals can also experience loss of bodily functions along with reduced mobility, sensation, and strength. You would be surprised to know that for younger adults, accidents are the major cause of injuries related to the spinal cord.

There are several accident scenarios when your spinal cord can get injured including, a rear-end collision can make the back undergo a whiplash movement, and on the other hand, a rollover accident can have a whole different type of impact on the person’s body causing injuries on the back and body. Depending on varying situations, people can be uniquely affecting in car accidents.

If you were a part of an accident where you have injured your back or your spine then it is advised for you to immediately consult a physician. These situations are often time-sensitive and need to be taken care of immediately. It is extremely important for the person to treat SCI promptly as it can potentially worsen with time and the more delay you will have in getting the treatment, the more permanent and severe damage you can potentially have.

Emergency Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injury

  • Twisted neck or back.
  • Difficulty in walking, moving, or balancing
  • Unbearable pain or pressure in the back, head, or neck
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Weakness and inability to move
  • Lack of coordination
  • Loss in feeling sensation in any part of the body
  • Numbness or tingling in toes, fingers, hands, or feet
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

Spinal Injuries

The most common type of spinal injuries are related to the neck or cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae or the upper back, and the lower back or lumbar vertebrae that can get affected in an accident. Based on the location of the spinal cord injury, different parts of your body can get affected and make you experience unique symptoms.

The higher the location of the injury, the more severe it tends to be, meaning, the closer to the brain it is, the more you are going to suffer the consequences. Your symptoms can certainly vary depending on the severity of the damage. But the closer to the brain it, you can experience increased loss in bodily functions.

Spinal cord injuries can also be acute in which only the leg and lower abdomen get affected. It can include symptoms like loss of bladder or bowel movements. It may have catastrophic consequences such as in the case of paraplegia or quadriplegia. However, even the smallest of the injuries such as a sprain or strain to the lumbar or cervical areas can cause unbearable pain to the person and can also influence their ability to perform normal activities.

In spinal injuries, a person can suffer the following complications:

  • Severe muscle cramps
  • Extreme headaches that can be unbearable over time
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Infection on skin or development of sores
  • Increased pain in the body or the affected area
  • Urination or bowel control problems.

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc or slipped disc refers to a condition where a rubbery disc or cushiony disc between the spinal bones gets damaged or affected. Problems with the spinal disc can also cause irritation to a nearby nerve and can block the nerve signals. A herniated disk is usually caused due to age-related wear and tear, prolonged sitting, obesity, smoking, or accidents.

Back Injury

Any back injury can result in loss of mobility or prolonged pain. Especially when it is related to the spine, the individual may have to suffer lifelong symptoms. Upper back injuries can happen as a result of blunt force trauma or rapid de-acceleration can take place during accidents. It can result in permanent nerve damage or fracture.

It should be no surprise that treating spine-related injuries is a costly affair, and the expenses can increase to a point where you will no longer be able to afford it. If you have been a part of a similar accident, you may be entitled to substantial compensation from the person who was responsible for the accident. To learn more about your rights and take actions that result in your best interest, contact Pace Law Firm today and get information about your legal right to accident compensation.

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