Nelnet Lawsuit 2018 – Class Action Student Loan Lawsuits


The Nelnet lawsuit claims that the company mismanaged student loans and delayed processing. The complaint states that the company failed to honor its contract with the federal government and misrepresented the qualification requirements to borrowers. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “NNI.” During the lawsuit’s filing, two plaintiffs were eligible for forgiveness programs and the other two were not. The case was filed on behalf of both plaintiffs and has a class-action status.

In this class action, the plaintiff, a licensed attorney in Florida, says that several of her student loans were transferred to Nelnet for servicing after she graduated.

The company misrepresented its affiliation with the Department of Education. As a result, she received a letter stating that her account was delinquent. She said she was unaware of this and assumed the loan was covered under the provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

The plaintiff claims that Nelnet misled student loan borrowers and acted as a department of education. This is an unfair practice, and it could cost the plaintiff millions of dollars. Class action lawsuits can be filed in the state where you live if you have outstanding loans. And if you’ve already made payments on your student loan, then you’re eligible to file a claim against the company.

The Nelnet lawsuit 2018 was filed by the Domina Law Group in June 2018.

The suit was filed on behalf of a woman in Oregon who had borrowed over $70,000 through Nelnet and was denied repayment. In addition, she claimed that her income-based repayment plan was canceled before its due date. The forced change resulted in her adding thousands of dollars to her loan. In the meantime, the suit went to discovery, identifying new class representatives. And it was filed on June 15, 2019.

Another lawsuit against Nelnet was filed by Domina and colleagues. She claimed that the company violated the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act, and the Oregon Unlawful Trade Practices Act. However, Judge Gerrard dismissed four of Olsen’s six claims, arguing that the defendant’s conduct was unfair, as it interfered with her contractual rights with the U.S. Department of Education.

The Nelnet lawsuit argues that the Internet service provider failed to meet its obligations. The case alleges that Nelnet misrepresented its relationship with the Department of Education and its role as a specialized lender. The plaintiffs, on the other hand, are trying to recoup their money. The complaint is based on their evidence of wrongdoing. The plaintiffs’ lawyer should file the case in the appropriate court.

As of June 8, a new Nelnet lawsuit has been filed in Oregon.

The lawsuit claims that a woman in Oregon lost thousands of dollars when her income-based repayment plan was canceled before the deadline. She claims that she was able to pay her balance, but she was forced to change the payment terms after the fact. The Domina Law Group has obtained a court order authorizing discovery, and the plaintiffs are entitled to receive compensation if they prevail.

The Nelnet lawsuit is based on the fact that the company misrepresented its affiliation with the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. This resulted in the plaintiffs’ delinquent account. This has led to several settlements and arbitrations. The court has also filed a separate suit in Oregon, which is similar to the one in Florida. The case is ongoing and the plaintiffs are still seeking damages, but there are still some issues they can address through mediation.

Although the plaintiff has a right to file a lawsuit, the company has not yet filed an answer to the lawsuit. The court has not yet decided whether or not the company is responsible for the delinquent account. In the case of a student loan, the law says the government has a responsibility to act in the best interest of the borrower. The plaintiff’s attorneys are not responsible for paying the debts.

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  1. I originally had stafford loans and pell grants and other loans in 1998. I graduated from Westwood College in Denver which was sued after the North Campus closed. Never knew about that lawsuit of misrepresentation of the employment expectations until today. Then over the years the loans were bought out by Nelnet. I did not realized that this was a private company. They too misrepresented themselves. I thought it was an government lead loan servicer. I paid off these loans 1 week prior to Obama changing the rules. Spent the next 2 years trying to get the just under 10k back to apply for forgiveness, only to be told (from Nelnet) there is no way I can apply for or become eligible for anything and they will not refund anything because they didn’t have to. Is there any legal recourse for Westwood College or Nelnet?

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