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Understanding NFL Chances Of Winning A Case Against The Players

NFL lawsuits are nothing new. In fact, they’re becoming more commonplace and costly for the league, its teams and players. In some instances, reining up millions of dollars in a single legal settlement. However, in the last few years, some of the nfl s most infamous franchises have also been slapped with huge personal lawsuits, not only by their players and staff, but also by the league itself. From excessive contract terms to helmet-to-helmet hits, here are the 32 worse NFL lawsuits so far.

Most notably, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was recently sued for exposing their players to lead paint, a substance that is banned in the NFL.

Tampa Bay is one of just a handful of teams that have been sued for using lead paint, among other possible dangers. According to the lawsuit, the NFL knew that using lead paint to create game tamps was dangerous long before it was enacted into the league’s new supplemental Article. Additionally, despite knowing the dangers, the NFL did not ban the substance, but instead, made it harder to get. As a result, many Tampa Bay fans were recently found to be carrying around lead tampons, which may have led to the lawsuit.

In July of 2021, the Pittsburgh Steelers was sued for possibly causing head injuries to fans during their home games.

The plaintiffs in this case claimed that the actions of the team and its chief was responsible, and that they should have warned the general public about the dangers of playing the game with high tempers and heads. More specifically, the lawsuit said that the team failed to appropriately warn players that they could be liable for sustaining brain injuries if they didn’t properly abide by the safety rules of the game. As a result of this negligence, a number of plaintiffs were able to successfully sue the NFL for their injuries. As the owner of a team that was sued, the Steelers can be held financially responsible for this negligence.

Other NFL lawsuits have been brought against the league itself. In January, the Dallas Cowboys was sued over a helmet injury that a player sustained while playing.

The NFL has settled these suits, paying players for pain and suffering and providing medical attention. As part of a plea bargain, the Cowboys released the man who actually ordered the helmet, instead being fined.

Additionally, there are two class-action lawsuits that have been filed against the NFL.

One suit was filed by the families of deceased NFL players who suffered concussions. Another suit, brought forth by the families of two deceased former players, sought compensation for the catastrophic effects that the players had on the lives of their families. Both suits were filed in U.S. federal court.

The NFL has not yet decided whether it will settle the lawsuits brought forth in response to the recent rash of injuries sustained by football players during games.

There is also the chance that the suits will be expanded to cover not only current players but also those who played in past decades. Considering the over-abundance of NFL injuries, however, it is very unlikely that the NFL will settle for anything less than a huge pay-out from the players or the owners of teams.

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