Pool Products Consumer Lawsuit


Consumer Lawsuits – Pool Products & Liability

There are lots of pool cleaners that have caused harm to its users or other people around. A good example is the automatic pool cleaner. It is said to be a health hazard because of its refilling process. Once the chemical that is used in the automatic pool cleaners is used up, it will automatically refill and require another chemical to keep it running.

Pool Products Consumer Lawsuit

It was later discovered that the manufacturers knew about the hazards of their product yet they still sold it to consumers. In one instance, the company has been sued by the state of California. The plaintiffs’ attorney said that the company failed to warn the public about the dangers of its products. Most of the pool cleaners that were recalled had to be taken off the market. The court ruled that the company was liable for the injuries and damages caused to some of its consumers.

The manufacturer is also responsible for the injury suffered by another pool user. His lawsuit was granted by the court. He lost his arm and suffered considerable pain due to the negligence of the company.

Another case that was settled recently involves a woman who was working at home.

She was using the chemical dipstick applicator without taking the proper safety precautions. It contained anhydrous ammonia, which is highly dangerous. The appliance could cause burns and other skin reactions. The woman suffered these damages. Her lawsuit was granted settlement.

There are other types of chemical in pools too. Chlorine is one of them. It is said that over use of chlorine may result to skin irritation and acne breakouts. Benzine, which is another type of chemical, is likewise harmful if it gets into the eyes. A lot of pool users are having problems as the substances involved in the making of these chemicals are either toxic or highly flammable.

Some pool cleaners contain chlorine dioxide. It is a non-toxic chemical which is added to disinfect pools.

However, many people have respiratory problems due to this. There are cases wherein the patients suffer from coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and skin irritation. Such problems were evident with the former brand of pool cleaners, but things have changed now.

Oxygen free pool cleansers are now becoming more prevalent. One good thing about them is that they do not contain chlorine. Many people opt for these because the bacteria that usually proliferates in dirty pools is usually eliminated. The side effects of these cleaners however are just as horrible.

In most cases, pool cleaners are meant to be used once or twice a year and not for extended periods. If used continuously, they could cause damage to pool lining and structures. In addition to this, the products do not last long enough. They run out of power soon after being used. Thus, many end up replacing them every year.

Pool products manufacturers are not the only ones who are guilty of such practices.

Retail stores are also guilty of it. Even the vendors who sell them are not spared. There have been several cases filed against them for selling low quality products. Many who bought substandard products have ended up wasting money and even being forced to throw them away. Such lawsuits have been filed against those who failed to get their products working right.

How does one deal with all these? Well, first of all, consumers can check out their local hardware stores and spas for cheap cleaners. These are usually available without any prescription. There are also online stores where people can buy pool supplies. Many are always willing to trade or barter for the products they need. This can easily be done on websites as well.

However, when buying from a local store, consumers should watch out for misleading or false claims.

For example, if there is an offer of free chemical shock treatment for a pool that costs $300, there is probably a catch. The catch may be in the fine print. While the local store may say that chemicals will be administered by staff wearing protective clothing, nothing is actually covered up. Some companies go so far as to have pictures of their employees lying down in pool cages for hours, while other simply have pictures of pool lounges.

When talking about liability, these lawsuits are definitely on the list. This is because when people use their pools without consulting pool pros, they are at fault. The lawsuits are for injuries and damage to properties. They can be filed by anyone who has been injured by such negligent actions. So pool owners, be sure to read the fine prints on pool supplies before making purchases.

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