7 Records for Attorneys to Have After a Car Accident


Do you know that many auto accidents go uncompensated due to a lack of sufficient evidence of injury or fault? For you to be successful with your accident claim, you have to unveil fault and damages proof. You need to have all the documentation and records showing fault and the extent of losses.

If you’re going to hire a lawyer to help you claim your compensation, you’re going to present to them several records of the accident. Records for attorneys range from medical records to billing information that shows treatment costs. Here is a complete list of up to seven records that your attorney will need.

1. Police Report

The first document that your attorney will ask for is your police record which is also known as an accident report or incident report. The record is either derived from the scene if the police arrive immediately or afterward if they don’t make it to the scene.

A police record contains crucial information detailing whether there was a violation of traffic laws, statements from witnesses, drivers, and passengers. The information contains the circumstances that might have potentially led to the accident. It also contains any observations that the responding officer found at the scene.

The information in the police record is essential in the insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Contact the law enforcement agency to get a copy of your police report. You’ll have to tell them the date of the accident, the driver’s name, and the badge number of the officer who prepared the report.

2. Medical Records

If you got injured in the accident, you’d have to seek treatment. Your car accident attorney will need you to show medical records detailing your diagnosis. This will also show the time it will take before you recover from the injuries. Make sure your attorney gets accurate medical records on time.

If you don’t have the records with you, give your attorney the name and address of your medical provider to get the documents from them. The attorney will get your records with your written permission. The permission will be authorizing them to take the documents on your behalf.

3. The Damage Estimates to the Vehicle and Vehicle Value

If your vehicle got wrecked in the accident, you have to include it in the insurance claim. You’re entitled to having the car repaired. But to estimate the total amount that you need, you have to find out the cost of repairs and the actual cash value of your vehicle before the accident.

Check the print on your car insurance policy to know if the insurance company will take care of the damage. You might also think about getting two or three repair estimates from different auto shops and mechanics. Several resources can help you evaluate the actual vehicle value.

4. Records for Attorneys Showing Your Proof of Income

If you suffered severe injuries as a result of the accident, you’re going to miss work, which means your income will suffer. Part of your compensation should help you recover the losses of your income. But to get the compensation that you deserve, you need detailed proof of your claimed losses.

Ensure your attorney gets your paycheck tubs, tip records, direct deposit records, and all the financial records. All this information will show the exact or close amount of the income you’ve missed while nursing your car accident injuries. The insurance company will compute the entire amount and compensate you for lost income and time missed out of work.

5. Psychological Records for Attorneys

An accident does not only cause severe injuries and damages to the victims, but the entire ordeal can be so traumatizing. You’re going to have to undergo treatment for your psychological injury, which will also cost you a lot of money and time. If you seek psychiatric treatment, then the attorney should also have your treatment records.

You must know that psychological records will not be part of your medical records as the two are treated differently. Make sure your attorney gets the psychological records from you, or you can give them the address and the names of your mental health providers. You deserve compensation for all the money and time lost undergoing psychiatric treatment.

6. A Copy of Your Statements

Your automobile insurance company will likely contact you if you get into an accident. The representative will contact you to get your statement concerning the accident. If you happen to give your statement, you deserve to have a copy with you, which you can present to your attorney later.

If you don’t get your copy, your attorney will have to contact the automobile insurance company to get the statement copy from them. Sometimes it’s advisable to let your attorney know and advise you accordingly before you give your statement. You can also choose not to give your statement because it’s not a requirement.

7. Car Accident Journal

A car accident journal can be another form of evidence that can help you a lot in your personal injury case from a car accident. The journal contains all the relevant information on your accident and the injuries you sustained. This journal or diary should contain information about how the accident has impacted your life.

Keeping the chronological details will help you remember everything and not miss out on any important detail. The details will give you an opportunity to strengthen your case and get reasonable compensation.

Don’t Miss Any Details

If you’re involved in an auto accident, you have to get all the information you need to strengthen your case and get good compensation. You’ll need all the records for attorneys to help them have an easy time fighting for your claim. Consult your attorney after the accident and understand everything you need for your personal injury case.

If you need more help dealing with your personal injury claim or getting a good attorney, we’re here for you. Stay on this site and get all the information you need for your claim case and other legal matters.

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