Lawyers Refuse RHI Class Action Lawsuit – How Lawyers Can Help


The Scottish Government is taking steps to make sure that RHI claims are not left to the mercy of the individual who is being injured. A law firm, called Lawyers Refuse RHI, has set up an independent body to investigate the claims of thousands of people in Scotland who claim that they are entitled to compensation from the Scottish Government for injuries caused by the faulty policy. This group has taken up cases from all over the country, including some which have resulted in huge settlements.

As it is not always possible to identify a policy’s defects, the majority of RHI claims have been directed at the Scottish Government. The group is also looking into whether these claims are supported by any evidence other than the individual’s claims. In most cases, if the claimant’s own doctor has ruled out any underlying medical condition or illness as the cause of the claim, there is nothing which can be done to verify this diagnosis.

As well as examining the claims which were made to the Scottish Government by individuals and companies, the Lawyers Refuse RHI group is also investigating claims from the UK Government. The claims have been made to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) regarding a range of claims which were processed on behalf of those in need of compensation. The claims have included claims relating to personal injury caused due to medical negligence, and claims relating to sickness, and disability caused through the negligent work practices of an employer.

The Lawyers Refuse RHI group has conducted its own research which is based upon interviews and surveys with victims and their families. It has found that claims are likely to be successful in less than one third of cases where an actual medical examination is carried out by a doctor. This means that if the person who has suffered injury was to undergo a medical test, this could potentially lead to a damaging retrial which could result in him/her losing their claim.

When individuals choose to take their claim to court they often feel as though they are being left to fend for themselves. Many feel that the initial decision by the Court of Session to award compensation is unfair, and this opinion is shared by the Law Society. This is not uncommon, especially if the individual or company is represented by an experienced, expert solicitor.

The claims process does not only affect those who are directly involved. If a victim of a personal injury feels that he/she has been wronged by the Scottish Government’s handling of the claims process, it is likely that they will approach a specialist legal practitioner to help them resolve the matter. A solicitor is able to review the case, and then advise their client on how best to proceed.

Lawyers Refuse RHI is an independent legal organisation, which works independently from the Government, but is funded entirely by members of the public. They have set up an independent Body of Advisors to represent the interests of claimants. The group is independent and does not receive any financial backing from either the government or any other organisation.

Their role is to provide information and advice to both those who wish to claim personal injury law and also to those who may be interested in pursuing a claim. Claims are processed on a no win no fee basis. For further details, please contact a Lawyers Refuse RHI Group member today.

There are also other organisations which exist specifically to give advice on personal injury law, including the Law Society of Scotland. A Law Society member can also advice on the claims process, and can even undertake legal research. Law Society lawyers are members of the Lawyers Refuse RHI Group, and therefore have been trained in personal injury law.

When choosing your legal representatives, it is important that you work closely with a qualified lawyer with experience in personal injury law. You should also ensure that the lawyer you choose has undertaken research into the process and is independent of both the government and any other organisations who could be supporting your claims.

Choosing an appropriate lawyer can make a huge difference to whether or not your personal injury claim is successful. Only then will you feel that you have received the support you need to pursue your claims.

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