Risperdal Invega Lawsuit


A case known as Invega vs. Risperdal in a class action lawsuit in which one plaintiff had to prove that the manufacturer of the antipsychotic, antidepressant, Risperdal (risperdal invega), was aware that their product caused birth defects and that they were aware of these issues prior to manufacturing the drug. The plaintiff’s attorney is challenging this point on the grounds that Risperdal is a ‘generic’ drug and that it was not designed to treat any particular diagnosis, even if they did include the claims of an improved sexual function and energy levels. Another contention is that they did not inform Risperdal users that there were inherent risks of using the medication and that they did not warn of the possibility of a seroquel-like compound called methylphenidate being added to the mix. Finally, they argue that the warnings provided by Risperdal itself were inadequate since they do not provide any indication of what dose is appropriate.

Risperdal Invega Lawsuit

This lawsuit is a class action that has been ongoing since 2021. Class members who are plaintiffs in this case include many who had Bipolar Disorder, a serious mood disorder that can include mania and depression and may also include ODD, OCD and various other personality disorders. The class does not include those with other conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart problems and cancer. Also excluded are people who are pregnant, have used medications other than Risperdal and those with other serious illnesses.

Plaintiffs argue that Risperdal invest lawsuit is unfair since they were not made aware of the dangers of the drug.

They say that Risperdal, which is marketed under several names such as Strattera, Adderall, Vyvanse, Depakene and Verapamil, is designed to improve mood, energy and sexual functioning. However, they say that there are numerous side effects, including low blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, headache, sleepiness and tardive dyskinesia. In addition, some plaintiffs say that they have developed depression, substance abuse problems and even suicidal thoughts after taking the drug. Another plaintiff says he spent $400 on drug after drug attempts at quitting using tobacco, alcohol and cocaine.

Other plaintiffs argue that they were made aware of the risks associated with risperdal invest lawsuit when they received prescriptions for the drug from the doctor.

It was then that they were told that it could cause mania and depression, among other things. Some plaintiffs also say that they were never given the chance to learn about the other side effects of the drug or what would happen if they did use it. When plaintiffs finally did learn that they had serious side effects to worry about, they say that they were not given adequate warnings to make them aware of the risks of using the medicine.

The company producing the drug has vigorously opposed the claims in the initial complaint filed by the plaintiffs in the first case of the InvegaRisperdal invest lawsuit, which is scheduled for trial later this year.

In defense, they maintain that the company has done everything possible to make sure that patients receive only the amount of the drug that is needed for their symptoms. They say that the company has done extensive studies to show that risperdal invest lawsuit patients should not be allowed to use other medications that are supposed to treat the same symptoms.

The company acknowledges that there are side effects to using risperdal invest lawsuit preparations. According to them, these side effects occur only when patients use a higher than recommended dosage, misuse the drug, or take the drug in an inappropriate dosage. They say that the FDA has conducted studies that conclude that these side effects do not outweigh the benefits provided to patients with constipation. In addition, they say that even if there are some minor side effects, these will fade away within a few days of the patient starting with a low dose of the drug and continuing to take it. They add that these minor side effects are not serious enough to cause health problems or cause death.

Plaintiffs maintain that there is no such thing as a “safe” dose of risperdal.

They say that even when they have been taking the drug for only a few days, they have experienced a wide range of symptoms, including severe and frequent heart palpitations, extreme sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, tremors, hot flashes, urinary retention, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia, lethargy, mood swings, restlessness and agitation. All these symptoms are manifested when a person uses much more than the recommended dose, which is almost two times higher than what the company recommends. In addition, some of these symptoms are caused by rare interactions between other drugs taken by the victim. This would indicate a definite safety issue when taking this and other drugs together.

The plaintiffs request that the court’s order Risperdal invest Canadian to pay them damages for their medical, emotional and physical losses. They ask that they be compensated for the loss of enjoyment of life, the inability to balance work and family responsibilities, the permanent scarring of their heart, the fear of losing their jobs, the risk of being a drug addict, the need for constant medical care, the loss of enjoyment of everyday activities, etc. The judge has set a consultation schedule for them to present their case and submit relevant documents to establish the negligence on the part of Risperdal Canada. The trial date is tentatively scheduled to begin in February 2021. The case will be heard by the courts’ superior court in Vancouver, British Columbia. The plaintiffs are represented by Paulblank Corp., an Atlanta-based personal injury litigation and consultation firm.

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