Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?


Car accidents are common all across Georgia. Thousands of people are victims every year. Depending on the severity of the accident, you might have small or even fatal injuries apart from a damaged vehicle. Car accidents are dreadful to cope with in the first place. You do not want to deal with fighting for the insurance money you deserve on top of everything. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a Monroe, Georgia car accident lawyer to do all the work while you heal from your mental and physical stress and trauma.

The consequences of a car accident are beyond just a totaled car. It also means severe injuries with a chance of paralysis, medical bills, repair costs for your damaged car if not a complete replacement, as well as days of missed work. A car accident lawyer can be a lot more helpful in such a traumatic situation than you think. Here are some benefits of hiring a lawyer in case you ever encounter a vehicle accident.

Prevent Early Settlements

Settling without considering the full extent of your loss and injuries will lead to much less compensation than you might have gotten with a lawyer. In addition, accepting an early settlement takes away your right to get additional money to cover the cost of future complications with your health or car that may arise. Thus, you can lay out all the potential costs that you might incur later with a car accident lawyer.

Make a Solid Claim

Accident lawyers are skilled at making solid claims that will get you the most amount of compensation possible. Insurance companies are notorious for taking things victims have said out of context and make it look like the accident was partly, or often completely, their fault. A lawyer will stop you from giving any statements that might damage your claim or the entire case. Car accident lawyers will prepare information and statements that accurately tell what happened without jeopardizing the compensation money.

Collect all Necessary Evidence

If the accident is a major one that requires proof and evidence to present a case, a Monroe, Georgia car accident lawyer will help you do so. You can be completely stress-free while your lawyer gathers all the necessary bills, records, photos, and other forms of evidence to build a robust case against the opponent.

Determine Comparative Fault

Many state courts, including Georgia courts, determine who is more responsible for a crash using a legal standard called comparative fault. If you were partially responsible for the accident, hiring a lawyer will prove quite beneficial for you. The lawyer can explain the extent of your fault and where your compensation stands on account of it. You do not need to guess how much money you might get as the layer will do all the calculations for you.

Thoroughly Calculated Compensation

Hiring a proficient car accident lawyer will ensure that you get every last penny of the compensation that you deserve. Current and future medical bills, wages you lost from work while recovering, repairing expenses of your vehicle, and any other damages caused by the gross negligence of the faulty will all be calculated with utmost precision to get a fair compensation amount.


A car accident lawyer helps you ensure that the lawsuit or claim is sufficient to cover all the related costs. Moreover, car accidents are traumatic and scarring experiences that sometimes affect the mental and physical health of the victims beyond repair. Therefore, having a little help to deal with all the financial aspects of the situation will take a huge load off of your shoulders.

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