6 Traits to Look For In an Immigration Attorney

Traits to Look For In an Immigration Attorney

Traits to Look For In an Immigration Attorney

Immigration laws are complex, not easily understandable to many naive immigrants. The value of a good immigration lawyer can never be overstated. Living in a foreign country, immigrants often find themselves in situations that make them look for an immigration lawyer.

Many people often hire a lawyer without properly vetting them. There are many good green card immigration lawyers in the market along with plenty of bad ones. An individual must be clear why he needs one and what to look for in an immigration attorney. Here are a few qualities you should look for in an immigration specialist.

1. Good Communication Skills

An immigration attorney needs to be a strong communicator. The language of the law can be complex not easily comprehended by the immigrants. Owing to the language barriers, many terms and phrases are misunderstood when doing the complicated immigration paperwork.

A good immigration lawyer or legal team can guide the individual through the process by translating them into terms easily understandable by him.

2. Creative Problem Solving Skills

The immigration solicitor must understand that he will never be presented with the same challenge or case, so, he must tackle every situation with a different approach. Traverse any obstacles, adjust to each person’s situation with creative problem-solving skills that bring fruitful results.

3. Knowledge of the Law

It is not easy being an immigration lawyer because of the ever-changing immigration laws. A good immigration lawyer knows the importance of being up to date with the latest developments in the area of law. He can not provide the best legal representation while operating under outdated information. It will only lead to confusion and more obstacles.

4. Credentials & Track Record

Though credentials have not a lot to do with being good but they can definitely save you from unscrupulous frauds. Make sure he is a member of a provincial licensing body and authorized to represent you in immigration court.

Track record is like a report card for lawyers stating how successful they were in solving cases, also, get a good look at previous clients’ reviews. Things will be more clear once you get a copy of the positive decisions they have obtained throughout their career.

5. Perseverance

The wheels of progress move slowly when immigration matters are in talks. Things often do not go as planned, sometimes, the process is slowed down or the relevant department asks for further clarification. A positive attitude goes a long way in achieving the desired outcome.

6. An Eye for Detail

Piles of paperwork may be overwhelming, but a good lawyer vows to not omit a single detail. Checking the application and paperwork for all the details or highlighting any issue before it is sent away to the higher authorities. Overlooking little mistakes delays the whole process.

In brief, if you narrow down your choices to these traits, it would become somewhat easier to find the right person for the job. Finding the best immigration attorney to represent you is the only way to get a positive result.

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