Triumph Foods Lawsuit – A Look at This Food Company’s Unfair Lawsuit

The Truth About Winning Foods lawsuit was brought by the Victory Foods Company on behalf of their competitor, Green Valley. They claimed that the other company made a false and misleading claim that their product was natural. During a presentation, the owner of Green Valley mentioned that his company did not use any natural preservatives or nutrients. He also said that their products were made of “real foods”. It should have been noted that these claims are completely untrue.

Triumph Foods Lawsuit

This particular presentation included several of their processed foods that they sell. We watched and learned that they contain trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, lard, animal fats, artificial coloring, as well as other dangerous ingredients. In addition, the only substances that are naturally present in these foods are vitamins and minerals. We are aware that many processed foods may have these components, but most do not. Yet they are still used.

Victory Foods LLC has tried to get this lawsuit thrown out on numerous occasions, but the court has denied their request.

This lawsuit is one of the largest ever filed on behalf of a company who believes that they can use natural foods to replace the preservatives and synthetic chemicals in their food products. In reviewing this lawsuit, we noted that the claim that the other company’s product was “natural” was completely false, misleading, and simply dishonest. They used the word “natural” five times in one sentence and did not use it any other time.

Additionally, they had no proof that their product had any health benefits at all. For example, they admitted that their item did not contain Vitamin A, which is required for healthy eyesight. Yet they sold it with vitamin A in it. Even if it did contain Vitamin A, it would be of little value to the consumer because it is not considered an essential nutrient.

They further admitted that their product did not contain calcium, which is necessary for strong bones.

Again, they did sell it with calcium in it. Yet again, there is no evidence that it is even necessary for strong bones! Calcium is very important to strong bones! Yet this company sold it supposedly as a substitute for calcium.

The ingredient Ethylenediamine was listed as one of the preservatives.

Yet no proof has been found that it is actually necessary to use Ethylenediamine as a preservative. It is certainly not safe, as it is a known carcinogen. Moreover, it is a cheap price to pay for a preservative; hundreds of dollars cheaper than some common additives.

Yet somehow, they claimed that Ethylenediamine was needed for Vitamin E, and another cheap preservative.

How could this be true? This is yet one more example of how fraudulent claims for ingredients can be made, and the outcome is always the same.

One could say that perhaps the makers of Triumph Foods for Pets did not think their actions through very carefully, or did not want to spend the time to check all of the ingredients before they sold it to the public. But it’s also true that lawsuits like these are becoming more common. In fact, this particular lawsuit is just one of many that are filed on a regular basis in this regard. The fact that such a large amount of money was being lost due to such a weak product just proves the point. So, perhaps it is time to take a step back and think about what we are doing? We have to ask ourselves if we are allowing this type of thing to happen, because it is obviously bad business.

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