Hero of Heroes Characters – Miles Edgeworth, an Ace Attorney


Miles Edgeworth, an ace attorney, has always had a crush on Iris Wright, the daughter of a local law enforcement officer. She was very grateful to the attorney during training but was fired from the force when she was suspected of murder. Although the two had lost contact, Gumshoe maintained contact with Byrde after she was accused of the crime again. While he was away on his trip, he managed to solve the mystery of Iris’s murder.

After a series of failed attempts to get Maya’s murder case settled, Gumshoe and Wright met again at the Hero of Heroes Grand Prix.

In the previous game, Maya had been kidnapped and actor Juan Corrida had been murdered. At the event, Shelly de Killer demanded that Wright acquit Matt Engarde, the murderer of Maya. The prosecutor, Franziska, had planted a tracking device on Gumshoe to make him look guilty. As a result, Wright tried to sack Gumshoe for being a “traitor”.

The two men develop a close relationship, and Gumshoe is incredibly proud of his girlfriend. He is very protective and will talk up her achievements in conversations. He also supports her career and will even cheer her up when she succeeds in something. However, he will be more embarrassed if he has to brag about her in public. Therefore, he is not the best choice for a romantic partner.

Gumshoe is friends with many people.

In the Heroes of Heroes Grand Prix, Gumshoe is a prosecutor who helped Phoenix Wright to find the killer of actor Juan Corrida. The lawyer, Shelly de Killer, demanded that Gumshoe acquit Engarde. The prosecutor, Franziska, had planted a tracking device on Gumshoe, and tried to fire him for being a “traitor.”

Like many other lawyers, Gumshoe has many friends. He is friends with police officer Edgeworth, and he and the Deputy Prosecutor, Phoenix. Throughout the series, the main character also has a crush on Maggey Byrde. This leads to a series of romantic relationships that often lead to murder. While in jail, he is also involved with several other cases. For example, he was an employee of Berry Big Circus, but he had a crush on Kay Faraday.

In one episode, Gumshoe was assigned to a guard lobby in District Court.

He was able to get information on a case from a secret ally, Calisto Yew. He also heard a heated argument between Phoenix and Mack Rell. A few days later, he was seen with a Swiss roll and Gumshoe pounced on Kay Byrne. In the following episode, the cactus plant was killed by Quercus Alba.

Gumshoe is a police K-9 who appears in all Ace Attorney games until the 2011 game, Gyakuten Kenji. As a member of the Ace Attorney team, Gumshoe has a profile picture in the court record. As a side note, he also has a metal detector, which is useful for locating hidden metal evidence. The key to the evidence room contains Gumshoe’s sprite and the profile picture of the victim.

Aside from being an ace attorney, Gumshoe is a homicide detective.

He usually works with Miles Edgeworth, but he has worked under many attorneys. Before he was disbarred, he defended his client against the charges in his cases. He also took the lead in a malpractice case. He is a clumsy lawyer with big hands. If you meet him in person, you’ll get along just fine!

Gumshoe has an affinity for people. In addition to being an ace attorney, he has a wide network of friends. His colleagues know him by name and he has a wide network of contacts. He knows a lot about everyone in town and can make a lot of friends in no time. And he has a great sense of humor. While he isn’t a great lawyer, he is a good attorney.

The ace attorney is a detective who can solve a case. He was previously a police officer but became an attorney when he was a teenager. His first case was the murder of Di-Jun Huang and he was a detective in the FBI. Luckily, he joined the police force when he was an adult and was promoted to homicide investigator. Upon his promotion, he was chased by a prosecutor but still got his pay.

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