How to Find a Good Immigration Lawyer


For most immigrants, achieving the American Dream remains at the top of their horizons.

However, there’s no limit to the number of obstacles that can get in the way. From green cards and non-immigrant visas to asylums and benefit denials, navigating America’s complex immigration system is no easy task. That’s why you’ll want to hire a Phoenix immigration lawyer to help you find a way out.

Although an immigration lawyer can’t control the government’s final decision, they’ll be able to present your case in a way that maximizes its chances for approval. To help you find a good immigration lawyer for your needs, read on below for a list of helpful tips.

Ask your network for lawyer referrals

To simplify your search, one of the best ways you can find a lawyer is through your friends and family. If they’ve had experience with any immigration lawyers, you can look to them for advice on how to find one yourself or how they felt about their overall outcomes. Even if you know a trusted lawyer that doesn’t specialize in immigration cases, you might be able to tap into their network to find someone that can work with you.

Reach out to a Lawyer Bar Association

Plenty of lawyers are affiliated with bar associations as a way for them to gain access to resources, find new clients, and network with other lawyers. They exist on the local, state, and national level and usually form around specific practice areas. The American Immigration Lawyers Association, or the AILA, is one of the most popular associations for immigration.

All of these associations tend to have a referral service that can match you with a good immigration lawyer. By reaching out to them about your particular needs, you can save precious time to get started on the process.

Conduct research online

If your referral efforts don’t amount to much, then you can always rely on an online search. Websites, review sites, and online testimonials are a great way to scope out the credentials and track records of any immigration lawyers you’re interested in. If there are any noticeable red flags, you can navigate to your state’s supreme court for public information on any complaints.

As you research, you shouldn’t merely just read the information. You’ll also want to actively evaluate every lawyer’s offering against your own list of criteria. Whether that be a specific way fees are handled or how experienced a lawyer is within a certain specialty, knowing what you want can help you streamline the searching process. Before you know it, you’ll soon have a short list of the top family immigration lawyers in Philadelphia you can talk to for a consultation call.

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to begin your research, you’re ready to find a good immigration lawyer. As long as you’re familiar with what you want and don’t rush in hiring the first lawyer you see, you’ll be empowered to present your case in its best light. Here at the Milovic Law Firm, we pride ourselves on being immigration attorneys that practice with constant compassion, dedication, and integrity. If you’re ready to achieve a successful outcome and receive valued representation in Phoenix, then contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that it’s important to also look for bar associations when planning to find the right immigration attorney. I plan to find one soon because I have a distant relative that needs my help as he tries to relocate to my state. It would be best to start sorting out the paperwork required for that as soon as possible.

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