Louisville DUI Attorney Jason Brown: Finding the Right DUI Attorney


A former police officer and current University of Louisville DUI attorney, Jason Brown has a very large number of awards to his credit. He is a very experienced DUI lawyer and has represented a large number of DUI cases. He has won most if not all of the cases he has taken on, including being the first DUI attorney that I ever saw in my area.

Jason Brown received many awards for his work as an attorney. Many of them were given by other attorneys, but others were given to him as an award for an achievement that was not related to a criminal case he may have handled.

DUI attorneys are generally required to take a state-wide written exam on their profession before they can practice in their state. Jason Brown took this test as a condition of his license. He passed, and was able to practice law in Kentucky.

Louisville DUI Attorney Jason Brown

Jason Brown has worked with the Kentucky Supreme Court, but does not practice there. He has done work for many other local attorneys as well. His local clients have included several of the top DUI attorneys in the state. These clients include people like Dr. Richard Sexton, one of the nation’s leading experts on drug and alcohol issues, as well as several prominent law firms.

Jason Brown has been highly successful as a DUI attorney in terms of winning cases. He has won thousands of dollars for his clients, even though some of the cases might not be that good.

There are other attorneys in the same field who may not have the record he has. These types of attorneys will only work with the best clients that they have. It takes more work and education than any other type of attorney.

As a matter of fact, if you are considering hiring a DUI attorney, you need to ask a lot of questions. This includes what his past records are, where he went to law school, and what he did when he graduated. A DUI attorney who didn’t have any experience working with DUI cases is going to lack the knowledge and experience necessary to be good at the job.

Jason Brown is a very popular DUI attorney, and his clients appreciate the fact that he took time to prepare for this field. and to earn the license he has earned.

The cost of hiring a DUI attorney will vary depending on how extensive the case is. It is going to also depend on what type of case he is handling, and where he practices. Because DUI cases are so serious, there is usually a lot of legal work involved.

If you are in Kentucky, you might consider contacting your local DUI attorney. He or she can refer you to a DUI attorney who can take care of your case. For an affordable rate, they will provide you with the experience and knowledge that you need to have on hand to get you through your case.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people do not realize that they are legally allowed to drive after they have had a drink. While it is possible for you to lose your license for one night, it is going to be a long time before you lose it for good.

While there are a lot of DUI lawyers out there who take advantage of drunk drivers, there are also many who really don’t put in the effort to make sure their clients don’t get into trouble. They simply go along for the ride and hope that their client doesn’t get pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.

In order to find the right local DUI attorney, you will need to ask around. You can find out by talking to people you know who hire DUI attorneys.

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