Where To Go For Inexpensive Notary Services


Notaries are registered members of the government who have undergone training to be able to witness the signing of legal documents. When you need something notarized, you take a government ID along with the paperwork so the notary can verify that you are who you say you are. You and the notary will sign and then the notary will stamp the document with their personalized information. Finding a notary public can be fairly easy because many businesses have an employee who is trained and ready to offer this service. Here are some places you can find a notary public who will sign your documents for free or at a low rate.

Banking Establishments

Most banks have at least one notary public on staff. Go to your personal bank first to see if they have one because most banks offer notary resources for free to their banking customers. If they don’t have one, ask around at the other banks in your area.

Local Government Offices

Many legal documents pour through the offices that manage government services, which makes this an excellent place to search for a notary. Most offices will charge a fee to have your paperwork notarized. Make sure you know how much the fee is and what type of payment they accept before you head over.

Organizations You Belong To

You may be surprised to discover there are notaries available through organizations you have joined. For example, students may have access to free notaries on college campuses, military personnel have access to notaries on bases and AAA branches offer this service to their members. When you’re traveling, you can check with the hotel you are staying at since many of them offer notary services as part of their concierge package.

Public Libraries

Your local library has an abundance of services available to you and a notary might be one of them. Call and find out if they have a notary and what the fee might be. If the branch closest to you doesn’t have one, check some of the other branches that may be close by.

Police Station

Another place to research is the local police station. Many stations have notaries available to the public for a small fee.

There are many places to scour in your local area for a free or inexpensive notary. Start making some phone calls today to find the business where your nearest notary is located.

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