A Sony PlayStation Class Action Lawsuit


Sony is currently facing a possible class action lawsuit in New Jersey related to its PlayStation Class Action lawsuit. According to New Jersey s Truth-in-Lack of Consumer Rights, Warranty and Declaration of Warranty act, it is illegal for a company to have a written contract with the customer that voids any clearly established consumer right. The class-action lawsuit was filed on behalf of current and former PlayStation users who have suffered injuries as a result of faulty PlayStation hardware and software, advertised as “essential gaming systems.” This negligence relates to defects in the hardware, including but not limited to; video game cartridges, memory cards, Wi-Fi adapters, and the PlayStation Network itself.

Sony PlayStation Class Action Lawsuit

In this case, the potential class action lawsuit holds Sony accountable for a number of negligent acts. Among other things, Sony did not timely disclose the nature of the problem prior to selling the PlayStation to the public. As a result of this conduct, the consumers were left with an unsafe product, which was not properly supported. Also, Sony did not properly inform the public about the likelihood of these products being defective or about the need to exercise ordinary caution when using them. This breach of warranty class action lawsuit holds Sony accountable for permitting its customers to use the PlayStation without exercising reasonable care.

Another class action lawsuit involves the installation of an illegal firmware update settlement.

According to this class action lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held that a number of manufacturers violated the Anti-Spyware Protection Act by failing to give consumers proper warnings about the likelihood of the update settlement being illegal. The class members contend that they received adequate warnings from Sony about the risks of installing the firmware update settlement, but that Sony failed to provide any protection in the form of a disclaimer statement. Subsequently, Sony’s actions injured the credibility of the PlayStation brand.

A class action lawsuit also is holding Sony responsible for the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

According to this class action lawsuit, a number of consumers who owned or purchased PSPs experienced system crashes at random intervals. Some of the consumers suffered such system crashes as a result of an erroneous or otherwise undetected firmware update. The evidence indicates that a large majority of these system crashes were the result of the firmware update, which failed to install correctly.

The evidence also indicates that a large number of consumers purchased PSOne Classics without having read or otherwise experienced the relevant literature about the product.

The documentation provided with the product did not make clear the fact that the product would experience what are referred to as “bugs”. The bug is described as a flaw or problem that causes defects in the Sony PlayStation. Sony’s defense has been that it does not intend to use terms such as “bug” or “patty” in their advertising, that they do not intend to cause pecuniary losses and that all warranties that have ever been expressed or implied by law are inclusive.

One of the ironies of the case is that it was contrived by a class action lawsuit attorney. This means that there is an endemic conflict of interest at work. The attorneys, who specialize in litigating these types of lawsuits, are well aware of the inherent pitfalls associated with taking a simplistic “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to resolving an issue. It has been shown time and again that if there is a warranty issue at all, then the best course of action is to immediately replace the offending product with a brand new one.

If you have purchased a Sony PlayStation and experienced a defective or broken warranty, you are entitled to a prompt resolution.

There is no need for the burden of proving damages to be thrust on you in this instance. If you have not yet purchased another Sony PlayStation product, you may also contact the counsel of a consumer attorney to discuss your warranty issues. Consumer attorneys who specialize in consumer lawsuits will also be able to assist you in filing any necessary legal paperwork.

The warranty issues involved with this case are unique. This warranty is between Sony and PlayStation. It was issued to help protect the PlayStation users by Sony against defects in the products. There are certain nuances in this particular warranty. You may wish to speak to a licensed attorney who specializes in litigating this type of case if you feel that you need some expert legal advice regarding your warranty issues.

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