Alexandra Coughlin joins Magna Legal Services


Award-winning Litigation Support Consultant Bringing Trial Experience to Firm’s Growing Midwest Operations. August 14,2020 (Press release) – Magna Legal Services is pleased to announce that Alexandra Rudolph, a Trial Specialist, has joined its Midwestern operations. Ms. Rudolph brings extensive trial experience with many years in litigation support from a top law firm.

She brings over ten years of experience with Magna, having served as an Associate Director of Litigation for several years, including a term as Executive Director. Alexandra is focused on bringing the company’s legal services into a number of new markets, which is where her expertise comes in as she will be responsible for expanding the company’s offerings to clients throughout the Midwest.

Alexandra has previously worked at Magna as an Associate Legal Director working to expand the company’s service offerings. In this role, she was charged with driving business growth by continuing to provide innovative litigation solutions to both corporate clients and government entities. Alexandra also helped to launch the new Legal Services division in North America.

Alexandra has spent more than a decade working at Magna as a Litigator in litigation support and is familiar with all of the areas of business that the company provides. Alexandra brings the knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully manage the expanding legal departments of the company and help clients navigate its services.

Alexandra will begin her role at Magna soon after a professional evaluation process has been completed. Magna is looking forward to welcoming Alexandra to the company as a litigation expert, and wishes to thank her for her contributions to our company, which are clearly demonstrated in her accomplishments at Magna.

Alexandra is very excited about her new role at Magna and looks forward to making her contribution to the firm and helping to grow the number of legal solutions offered by the firm to our clients. Alexandra has a background in trial preparation, and litigation support, as she has worked in a variety of different areas, including litigation management, law and accounting, and the litigation support industry.

Alexandra has experience both in our Litigation department as an Associate and as a Full-Time Legal Fellow, and the position provides a unique combination of both. her legal experience and the management skills necessary to effectively manage a firm’s legal services.

Magna is proud to be able to bring Alexandra into our organization and provide her with a position in which she will be able to make contributions to the growth of the firm and our legal offerings. Her ability to bring high quality litigation expertise to the firm, and her personal commitment to improving our products and service offerings will be a huge asset for our firm moving forward.

Magna is also very proud to have Alexandra as a part of our company, and we look forward to providing continued opportunities to attract and retain talented professionals. As a Litigator, Alexandra will have the opportunity to grow the firm through the discovery phase of litigation, as well as assisting with the discovery phase and case management for the settlement phase of cases. Alexandra will assist the Litigators and executives in our firm in developing strategic litigation strategies that will help to maximize profits and minimize risk.

Alexandra’s skills and experience, as well as her willingness to expand her knowledge base, will allow her to play a pivotal role in our firm’s future, as our Litigation department continues to grow. Additionally, Alexandra will be able to help to expand our Litigation department through additional litigation staff, and legal assistance with other areas of the legal process.

Alexandra will help to develop the Litigation Service team and will be responsible for developing and maintaining the legal services, strategic litigation planning, and litigation strategy, and overall client service strategy for our firm. Alexandra will oversee the development of the Litigation team’s compliance and litigation support functions, including the drafting of new litigation agreements, managing the client database, and managing the firm’s contingency plans, among other important roles.

Alexandra will be a key contributor to our firm and will have a large impact on the firm’s legal offerings, and on the success of the firm as a whole. Magna looks forward to working with Alexandra as a full-time Litigation associate in our North American Litigation department.

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