Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation Updates Strategic Plan


As one of the largest pro bono legal services providers in Atlanta, the Atlanta Volunteer Legal Foundation stands with survivors of intimate partner violence and low-income tenants. Through free legal services and social services, this nonprofit organization harnesses the collective power of the Atlanta legal community to help the most vulnerable members of the community. It is our mission to create safer, more stable communities that are more affordable and stable for everyone. Whether you are a member of the legal profession or not, you can make a difference in your community by becoming a volunteer lawyer.

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation has been in operation for 40 years, but the time has come for the organization to update its strategic plan and operational infrastructure.

The foundation is facing increased community needs and demand for its services, making a strategic plan and vision more important than ever. To do this, the Foundation held a series of workshops for volunteers to participate in the process of developing the new 2020 Strategic Plan. To ensure the success of the process, the AGG sought to engage the community and develop a transparent process that was inclusive of the organization’s stakeholders.

The AVLF needed to decide whether to deepen its existing footprint or broaden its services. To achieve this, Springboard conducted guided interviews with 100+ stakeholders and gathered a 360-degree perspective. From these discussions, a decision was made to deepen its services while keeping the same footprint. The Foundation’s mission had become too lawyer-centric, so its mission statement needed a major overhaul. AGG’s board and leadership team participated in the workshop to develop a new mission statement for the organization.

AVLF has partnered with other organizations and the Atlanta community to increase the number of volunteer lawyers.

The AVLF has also been recognized by the American Bar Association as a best practice model for nonprofits nationwide and is featured in the national press. Its innovative programming was born out of a five-day strategic plan developed in 2015. By participating in these workshops, AVLF is providing free legal services to the most underserved people in the community.

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation has been around for 40 years and is currently nearing its 40th anniversary. It has expanded its services and expanded its community’s needs. The AVLF’s 2020 strategic plan will help the organization meet these goals. With the help of the AVLF’s new team, the organization can now take on a new role as the largest pro bono legal services provider in the metro area.

The Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation is approaching its 40th anniversary and the Executive Director will transition to another organization.

With the increased demand for legal services and a changing community, the AVLF needed to update its strategic plan. To develop a new mission statement, the board and leadership team worked with the volunteers and community members to develop a new mission. The AVLF’s mission aligns with the community’s needs.

The AVLF has a long history of supporting the legal community. The AVLF is the largest volunteer attorney organization in the metro Atlanta area. Throughout its history, the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation has provided vital legal services to thousands of people. The volunteer attorneys have a strong track record of helping residents in the Atlanta area. The AVLF has been a vital force in the community for many years. Its mission and strategic plan helped it grow to meet the challenges of today’s society.

AVLF’s mission is to serve as a resource for the community.

As the Executive Director, he must ensure that the Foundation continues to provide quality legal services. The AVLF is responsible for coordinating the pro bono work of hundreds of lawyers in the metro Atlanta area. This work has made AVLF the largest volunteer organization in the region. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer attorney, contact the AVLF office in Atlanta.

AVLF volunteers are highly trained and serve as valuable assets to the community. They are often paired with legal professionals who are passionate about helping the community. As a result, Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation has a strong presence in the metro Atlanta area. It is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the city. A legal aid organization helps the community with basic needs. Moreover, they provide free legal assistance to people with low income or no money.

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