Benefits of Partnering with a Legal Recruiter


Everyone thinks that if you qualify as a lawyer, passing all the right exams and getting all the right qualifications that ideal job offers simply come flooding in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Lawyers have to navigate choppy waters nowadays to find suitable positions that suit their skills and experience. The legal field is also incredibly specialised and filled with niches. What’s more, they don’t always advertise or market themselves and vacancies in the same way as other companies.

If you’re an employed lawyer looking for a new position, or you’re between jobs and looking, the best thing you can do is partner with a legal recruiter. Legal recruitment agency are effective when you need someone to point you in the right direction. Below are some of the many benefits you’ll get by working with a legal recruiter.

Benefit 1: Key Market Intelligence

As a lawyer practicing in one particular area of the country, you might have a very narrow view on the wider state of the profession and the marketplace. Recruiters build their reputations on selling their superior knowledge of the industry that they then leverage to help you find a position that fits your circumstances perfectly. They know where the jobs are, the big salaries, the right benefits, the best opportunities. They know because it’s literally their business to know.

There are quite possibly job openings that recruiters know exclusively as some firms may only be willing to meet with talent introduced by certain agencies. They may have an understanding or a long-standing relationship in recruitment. Either way, the recruiter is your ticket to some pretty exclusive gigs.

Benefit 2: Assistance with Preparation

After partnering with a recruiter, a day will soon come where you have job opportunities and interviews lined up. Before you attend, the recruiter can first help you to tidy up and update your resume, and offer you some key interview advice based on what they know about the firm in question. Once again, recruiters know their connected businesses as well as the legal talent they work with.

Even just some small insights and/or key details on the target company can give you an edge in the interview process against others. What’s more, you can rest assured that your resume is looking the part. So many hopefuls lose opportunities because of careless mistakes on their resume. A few practice interview questions done in the likely style that you’ll face when going there will also boost your confidence and help you answer more strongly.

Benefit 3: Recruiters Make Things Happen Fast

Who can afford to wait around looking for jobs at a snail’s pace? Legal recruiters make their money by successfully connecting the right people with the right law firms. It’s in their interest to do it quickly, but also in their interest to get a good match. That being so, you can expect to start getting quality interview and recruitment chances quite quickly after starting the process.

Benefit 4: Recruiters Have to Make the Right Match

We touched on this above, but it’s a very important point and a huge benefit to you that a legal recruiter is motivated to make the right connections between you and an employer. Some think that an agency will simply expedite the process in order to get as many hits and signings as possible. This just isn’t the case, however.

It’s common practice for law firms using recruitment agencies to withhold any payment until their new team member has been confirmed as a full-time employee, or passed probation, or sometimes even completing 3 full months of work in the firm. Therefore, if recruiters want to get paid, they have to do right by you, which is a big comfort.

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