Can You Sue Social Media Sites for Mental Harassment?


A social media platform can be sued for causing you mental harassment and psychological torture through online trolling. You can take the help of a law firm to file a lawsuit against an online troll.

If required, you can even sue the concerned social media channel that has caused you psychological trauma. Your lawyer will frame appropriate charges against the troll citing relevant statutes and legal clauses.

Here are the top five reasons to sue an online troll or a person who harasses you online:

Trolling is a Crime

The lawyer can hold the person as well as the social site for inflicting mental trauma through constant online trolling. Though social media platforms say they have no control over the posts that are considered trolling, your lawyer can counter this claim with the necessary arguments applicable in this case.

Trolling Disturbed Your Mental Peace

It is your birthright to live in peace without being attacked in an unproved manner. Trolling can disrupt your mental peace and develop traumatic conditions. An expert lawyer can prove this and make trolling a psycho-legal issue.

Filing Defamation and Libel

Your lawyer can interpret online trolling as defamatory and libelous. Defamation or libel suits can be filed if you feel the trolling defamed or attempted to defame your personality. The concerned social media may also need to compensate you for these acts of defamation and libel.

The Misuse of Social Media Platform

You can sue the social media channel on which you have to face online bullying. Unless social media acts promptly and get those libelous posts deleted, you can blame the particular social site for mental harassment.

Your lawyer can blame the social media platform to have such content get posted. And the channel remained silent over it, thus inflicting mental injury to you.

Loss of Income Due to Online Bullying

An attorney can sue both the troll as well as the social media site for the psychological trauma suffered by you. The attorney can demand suitable compensation for the loss of income sustained by you due to unprovoked online bullying by a troll.

An experienced lawyer can file a suit demanding a high amount of compensation for your inability to perform your job or business due to trolling.

If your lawyer builds a strong case in your favor, the online troll and social media site may both be held guilty by the court. They may have to compensate you financially for the income loss suffered by you.

In Conclusion

The trend of online bullying and trolling on social media platforms is growing day by day. However, now social media users are more aware and they are filing lawsuits against the person or persons involved in online trolling.

You might have noticed how celebrities belonging to different walks of life like film, music, and sports often lodge cases against online trolls.

Likewise, a large number of other people are also filing lawsuits in similar cases. If you also have gone through a similar ordeal, contact your lawyer now.

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