How to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident 


There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle. However, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence. If you work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Denver, you can ensure your rights are protected in the event of a motorcycle collision. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the common causes of motorcycle accidents and some practically ways that you can prevent these collisions and stay safer on the road.

What are the Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

While each accident is unique, there are several common causes of motorcycle accidents. Bu knowing them, you can be better prepared for a safe trip on the road.

Some of the most common causes include:


Driving above any speed limit, no matter where you are riding, can be dangerous and increase your risk of getting in an accident. Speeding makes it much more difficult for you to slow down, stop your bike, and respond to changing conditions. You can never truly anticipate how others will drive. Slow down next time you’re out and stay safe.

Bad road conditions:

Poor weather and bad road conditions can make any trip much more dangerous. Weather issues, including rain, snow, or even high levels of wind can make operating your motorcycle a challenge. Additionally, poor road conditions, like potholes or construction sites, can make it hard to handle these hazards while riding.

Unsafe lane changes:

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is unsafe lane changes that can easily lead to accidents. Never assume a driver can see you when you change lanes and look twice before making your merge. It’s never worth the risk to just assume that someone can see you while riding.

How to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

When you get on your bike and hit the open road, you can never totally predict what will happen on your trip. Even if you’re just taking a quick ride down the street, there always exists the potential for an accident. The safest motorcyclists may still be prone to an accident since you can never fully predict or prepare for the actions of other drivers or even pedestrians.

However, even if you can’t predict the actions of other drivers, there are still methods for preventing motorcycle accidents. Keep reading for some helpful tips so that you can work to prevent motorcycle accidents and stay safe—no matter where the open road might take you on your next trip.

Keep up with your regular maintenance:

When prepping for your next big ride, don’t forget to keep up with regular maintenance. A broken headlight or a blown tire can quickly land you in a dangerous situation that can cause an accident. And while we never love spending money at the mechanic, a little bit of care now can save you from costlier repairs farther down the road.

Don’t split lanes:

Also known as “lane splitting,” this dangerous practice involves a motorcyclist driving between lanes of heavy traffic. You’ll often see motorcyclists do this during heavy traffic so that they can keep moving. But despite the lull of traffic, this is one practice you should avoid since cars can’t see you if they’re turning or merging lanes. Additionally, splitting lanes is illegal in most states in the country.

Slowing down:

Since speeding is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents, this one is a bit obvious. Simply slowing down and respecting the posted speed limit can drastically reduce your chance of getting involved in an accident. When you’re going to fast, you reduce your window for responding to changing road conditions that can occur in a split second. Additionally, riding at higher speeds can make your injuries even worse if you are in an accident. Enjoy your ride and slow down.

Never ride under the influence:

Even just one alcoholic beverage can impair your ability to safely operate your motorcycle. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your reaction time slows considerably, your motor skills become impaired, and your critical thinking suffers. All these factors make driving under the influence incredibly dangerous. Even after just one drink, it’s never worth the risk to drink and ride your motorcycle.

Don’t assume a driver sees you while riding:

This tip is especially important whenever a motorcyclist is stopped at an intersection or changing lanes. However, it’s also important if you’re in the middle of making a left-hand turn. Never assume that a driver can see you. Ride cautiously and remain aware, keeping your full attention on the road and the actions of other drivers even if it seems like they can see you.

Conclusion – How to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident

Truth be told, there’s simply nothing quite like the thrill of the open road when you’re on your bike. But despite this pure sense of joy, there’s still always the risk of being involved in serious motorcycle accidents. Compared to accidents between two motor vehicles, motorcycle accidents tend to have more significant damage and more serious injuries as there’s very little to protect the rider. That’s why it’s so important to practice safe and responsible riding to work to prevent motorcycle accidents—no matter where the road takes you. Don’t hesitate to contact your personal injury law firm for help.

While you may not be totally able to control all road conditions, there are certain things you can do to stay safer on the road. When riding your bike, make sure never to ride dangerously and split lanes, ride sober, and never assume a driver can see you. Keep up with your regular, scheduled maintenance so that you can enjoy your next ride. At the end of the day, it’s most important to know you’ve done your part to keep our roads safer.

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