Lyft Attorney Consultation: 4 Things Your Attorney Must Know


Envision a world where the driver responsible for your injuries is held accountable. A world where you have the money you need to pay for your medical expenses and get through life with an injury, and without suffering too much. A Lyft accident attorney is just what you need to seek compensation following an unfortunate car accident. Now that you’ve started your consultation, here are five things your attorney must know.

How Long You’ve Suffered

The length of time you’ve suffered can increase your chances of being awarded punitive damages. If your Lyft accident attorney can show your suffering has persisted, an insurance company or judge will be more sympathetic to your experience.

Just remember, even young lawyers who are headed for a major trial will know what it takes to win. There is no reason an experienced Lyft accident attorney won’t know how to get the edge on the driver who’s done you wrong.

The idea here is for the attorney to tell the best possible story about the suffering you’ve endured. While the legal criteria for bringing a personal injury case are specific, your lawyer will want to present evidence that shows your suffering has continued long after the accident.

If Your Suffering is a Result of Failure of Duty

One of the three criteria for bringing a case against the driver is proving the failure of duty. Legally, your Lyft driver had a driver to drive responsibly and stay safe. By failing to adhere to that responsibility, the driver’s actions contributed directly to your suffering. Navigating through the legalities of the Lyft driver’s duty requires the expertise of a Lyft accident attorney. By the time you reach your consultation, you might even have an idea of what your attorney is talking about. As a reckless, irresponsible driver will often present warning signs prior to an accident.

What You Had to Pay Following the Accident

The legal situation surrounding your accident will likely end up in court if you’re pursuing a claim against the responsible driver. When determining how much compensation you receive, a judge will look at the type and amount of expenses you had to pay as a result of the accident.

Say, for example, your insurance company didn’t pick up the costs for surgery. Or, you have to pay for physical therapy. Maybe you suffered mental health problems or trauma and needed psychiatric treatment you could barely afford. Even though you can still cope, a judge will consider whether the Lyft driver should be held responsible. That means there is a good chance you could be awarded compensation in the near future.

What Further Issues You’ll Have Without Compensation

In some cases, your injuries may do more than persist, they might become something else entirely. Knee injuries that aren’t treated or healed properly can lead to immobility and significant loss of flexibility. These losses would result in substantial problems in the future that you might not yet have begun to see.

Meanwhile, head injuries can lead to whiplash and migraines, and spine injuries can make moving impossible. The pain persists and can still affect your ability to work, take care of your family, and enjoy the lifestyle you once had. Therefore, you should share with your attorney during the consultation phase any worries you have about the future. Remember, a Lyft accident attorney will always have your best interests in mind.

Contact a Lyft Accident Attorney

Whether your injuries have persisted or they’ve led to even greater problems, a Lyft accident attorney is ready to help you with your case. Since receiving compensation is essential to your survival, you shouldn’t hesitate or live with the pain any longer. Contact a Lyft accident attorney today to get the justice and money you deserve.

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