What North Carolina Divorce Laws You Should Know


It is time to consider North Carolina divorce laws if you feel the need to divorce your spouse. The calendar starts over when you get married again. So if you go back together, the divorce laws reset once more. There’s also a filing fee if you decide to file for divorce at the county court house. You can also apply for a waiver of that fee if you’re in serious financial straits.

There are grounds for divorce in North Carolina as listed in the Constitution. There are two separate sections under the constitution for grounds for divorce. One is to be based on adultery, another on cruelty, and the third is because of extreme mental disease or defect. No matter what grounds you choose, it must be legal and in compliance with the North Carolina Divorce Statutes.

Adultery Grounds: The adultery grounds are a bit tougher than the grounds for divorce under cruelty. This reason alone can be enough for your divorce. An affair takes two people who are committed to each other in love, trust, affection, or friendship. You must have an ongoing sexual relationship that ends in a separation or divorce. When adultery takes place, your marriage cannot continue.

Cruelty Grounds: This is the most common reason for a divorce. People who live together as husband and wife and commit adultery are committing cruelty to each other. It doesn’t matter if your spouse has a physical deformity or disability that can impair their ability to make a decision, they are not eligible for a divorce. You have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your spouse is suffering from mental disease or defect that causes them to commit infidelity. For example, if your spouse has been taking certain medications that make them more susceptible to having affairs, they are ineligible.

Mental Disease and Defect Grounds: Your mental health is important when determining the grounds for divorce. You cannot take into consideration physical disabilities when looking at this reason for divorce. However, there are a few mental conditions that are grounds for divorce if they are affecting your ability to make a choice.

As previously mentioned, all mental conditions are grounds for divorce if they affect your ability to make a decision. You cannot take into consideration this condition if your spouse has a disability. However, there are a few conditions that are grounds for divorce even if they are impairing your ability to make a decision. If your spouse has a condition that causes him/her to be unable to speak coherently, they are grounds for divorce even if they do not want a divorce.

In addition to considering these three grounds, the judge will also consider the length of your marriage, and the length of time you were married, along with the ages of both parties. You will also have to take into account whether or not you have children and if any children are living in the home with you.

Although North Carolina does have divorce laws on the books, it may be easier said than done to file for a divorce. Make sure to contact a lawyer in order to make sure that your divorce is filed in accordance with the law.

A lawyer can tell you what types of circumstances will lead to your divorce. They will also tell you what type of grounds you should use when trying to get a divorce. It is important to work with a good lawyer and to listen to what they have to say. If you need legal assistance for something else, be sure to contact your lawyer first.

You don’t need to hire a lawyer if you don’t want to. It is possible to file for a divorce on your own. but it may be difficult and you may not have the support of your lawyer. Be sure to follow the directions that are given to you by your lawyer if you are unsure.

There are a lot of Divorce Laws that can affect you and your life after you get divorced. You are allowed to file for a divorce by yourself. If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to file, you should contact your lawyer or seek the help of a family law attorney in order to get advice and guidance.

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