Reasons to Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Law Firm


After some time resisting and believing that you didn’t need it, you might have finally decided that you in fact do need to have a marketing team to help your law firm’s business. The question then, is should you build an in-house team, or hire a marketing agency for law firms? In-house staff bring their own benefits, but there is a strong case for favouring the latter.

Here are some of the best reasons to hire a marketing agency for your law firm:

Reason 1: They Understand the Unique Needs of Law Firms

Believe it or not, there are many marketing agencies that are well versed in the unique approaches to marketing that are needed when it comes to law firms. They may be businesses, with staff, costs, profits and losses like everyone else, but the way they function, and the way people see them in the community is very different from other more typical businesses around them.

So, even if your in-house team brushes up on conventional marketing techniques and knowledge, they may not learn anything that is truly beneficial to your law firm. Marketing agencies have all the keys you need for successful law firm marketing campaigns.

Reason 2: They Can Create an Effective Digital Presence for Your Firm

Stuffy old law firms may like to hide behind their bookshelves, wood panel walls and fireplaces, but they can’t hide from the need for a digital presence in the information age. Social media, an effective, dynamic and engaging website, strategies to manage external communications through things like e-mail marketing…these and more make up the digital domain that law firms need to be a part of. Outside marketing agencies are normally better for getting this balance right.

Reason 3: Marketing Expertise is Different from Legal Expertise

Legal minds are undoubtedly intelligent, sharp and fast. Lawyers can think on their feet, adapt to difficult situations, and cope well under pressure. They have an amazing eye and mind for detail, and their abilities to come up with creative solutions to complex problems is unparalleled. However, none of this translates into an effective law firm marketing campaign.

Legal and marketing expertise are 2 different kettles of fish. For law firms to assume they can manage and maintain a marketing strategy based just off their own smarts and without the key knowledge is an error that some law firms do make. They quickly learn that a marketing agency can maintain higher standards and get things done faster.

Reason 4: You Can Get Results Faster

This brings us to our next point, the speed of results. Getting a few views on a blog post or some likes on a Facebook post is one thing, but if you’re going to rely on these “trickle” effects, then you might be waiting for a long time for some of that engagement to convert into real business.

Marketing agencies can ensure that marketing materials are targeted rightly to ensure a higher conversion rate – from lead, to contact, to signing as a new client. The path is clear for the right marketing firm. Let them serve you with that clarity.

Reason 5: Less Stress and Hassle for the Firm in the Long Run

It may cost more to hire an outside agency than a small in-house team, but having a ready-to-go, competent and experienced team ready to hit the ground running from day 1 saves you in stress, energy, time, and bureaucratic HR hassle. We say that it’s good to pay the premium and get the services delivered conveniently, efficiently and professionally from a marketing agency that has built itself on great results.

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