How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Save You?


Truck accidents can cause severe damage and loss to you and your loved ones. It is very important to hire a Los Angeles truck accident attorney to get compensation. Some accidents are sudden and can shock you terribly. But with professionals by your side, you can get assurance and ease.

A truck accident can occur for various reasons and can turn into a complicated case. It is difficult for a person from a non-legal background to understand the details of an issue. Here is how your lawyer will guide you:

A. The Liability

Your attorney will determine the liability of the case. There are many possible parties who can be liable for your loss. It can be

  • Truck owner
  • Driver
  • Cargo vendor,
  • Party or parties responsible for leasing the vehicle,
  • Party involved in loading the cargo on the truck,
  • Manufacturing company of the parts of the truck.

An expert in such cases will have to scrutinize the issue from all possible perspectives before coming to a conclusion. It requires efficient handling because any wrong claim or charges can lead to delay and failure.

B. Gathering the Evidence

Collecting evidence is very crucial for any investigation, and it takes time and patience. The basic scrutiny begins with the accident scene, statements of eyewitnesses, reviewing any camera footage. Then it requires an in-depth analysis of the following things:

  1. History of the truck driver on personal, professional, criminal grounds.
  2. Conducting and collecting reports of drug and alcohol tests.
  3. The insurance policy of the company and what all it covers.
  4. Checking if there are any faulty parts and the condition of the tires.
  5. Reviewing the permitted quantity of cargo that the truck can carry.
  6. Checking all documents related to the case, the company in question, and cargo vendors.
  7. The damage to your property, vehicle, and the damage to the truck.
  8. To take note of physical damage to both the parties and any other loss.
  9. Studying the medical history of the parties involved and expenses related to it.
  10. Taking and examining the complete statement of the parties involved.

C. Expertise

A reliable and experienced truck accident attorney will understand and determine the possibilities of how to win the case. They will notify you of all the deadlines, date changes, and progress reports of the case. If they find any discrepancies in the matter, they will give you proper advice regarding it.

There are three types of damages from an accident, and you need to press claims for the most suitable one. It can be minor, major damage, or property damage. An attorney will study the matter from all angles and choose which claim to press for compensation.

However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before visiting an attorney. Do make sure that the jurisdiction of the attorney and the site of the accident is the same. Remember to ask what expenses you must bear during and after filing a case.

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