Smith and Nephew Hip Lawsuits


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Smith and nephew hip lawsuits arise from an incident that took place at a St. Louis, Missouri nightclub on July 7th, 2021. A patron was struck in the leg while dancing. The injury resulted in a broken leg and an associated nerve damage. The man and his brother were taken to a St. Louis hospital. During the examination, a biopsy of the broken leg discovered the existence of a hip recall. This is a serious complication of the hip joint and often results in death if not properly cared for.

Smith and Nephew Hip Lawsuits

On August 4th, the former male victim filed a lawsuit against Smith and nephew, alleging they should have recognized the risk of their actions when advising them that dancing would result in a break of their bones and a trip to a surgeon that could cost thousands of dollars. The claim further states that Smith and nephew should have told the gentleman that he was likely to suffer a broken leg and a herniated disk during the dance. They further claim that they failed to warn the gentleman that the herniated disk and broken leg would likely happen as a result of the nightclub’s reckless and careless behavior.

The following day, the former victim went to the emergency room of the local hospital.

He reported that while he was waiting for the emergency room staff to process him, he noticed a man running out of the club with his legs sticking out. According to the plaintiff in his lawsuit, he looked down and saw that the former hip secura dimethicone (inner thigh bone) was sticking out from underneath his skin. He also noticed that the man’s femoral artery was sticking out through his top half of his leg. A home nurse checked the former claimant out and found that he had a large lump under his top coat that was pressing against the thigh.

Smith and nephews later learned that this was caused by the nightclub’s reckless and careless behavior. The plaintiff in his lawsuit further stated that he has been suffering from total hip dysplasia, or otherwise known as hip problems dimethicone hair damage, for about three years now. This condition causes damage to the inner thigh bones, or hip bones. The plaintiff further states that he has been enduring these symptoms since the mid-90’s and has yet to see a doctor or any medical professional regarding his symptoms. The former claimant has hired Smith and nephews to represent him in a personal injury lawsuit that they filed against defendant Smith and nephews on the basis that they are liable for the injuries that the former claimant sustained from the nightclub.

At the time of filing the initial personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiffs were attempting to claim negligence damages for the injury that they sustained from the nightclub.

Specifically, they were attempting to claim compensation for the pain and suffering that the former claimant had endured, as well as the resulting medical costs that the former claimant incurred as a direct result of being improperly treated at the nightclub. As is apparent in the underlying Complaint and Answer, the defendants failed to take even the most basic measure of reasonable care. For instance, the defendants failed to properly exercise care when it came to the debridement of the former claimant’s hip implants. This resulted in the former claimant having a permanently damaged hip implant. This damage prevented the claimant from walking, and as a result, the claimant was unable to resume normal daily activities.

Further, even if the defendants had properly insured their facility, they could still have faced severe financial losses had the injury not been treated in a timely fashion.

In addition, the former claimant did not receive a proper treatment for his condition, and therefore, he was left with both physical and emotional trauma as a result. The fact that the defendant failed to appropriately treat the situation is what ultimately caused the personal injury lawsuit against them. The motion picture industry relies on the ability to produce quality films and to ensure that these films are exhibited properly.

It should be noted that despite the plaintiffs having a valid claim against Smith and nephews Hip LLC, there is substantial doubt as to the extent of liability of the defendants.

There is a good reason why the claim was submitted to a medical expert who is employed by the law firm. The expert is required to examine the plaintiff’s hip with special equipment and then make a diagnosis to determine whether or not the hip replacement procedure that is proposed will preserve the plaintiff’s hip. If the expert determines that the surgery will fail to preserve the hip, the case is likely to fail.

Because the claim against Smith and nephews Hip LLC involves the issue of negligence, it is likely that this litigation will end in favor of the plaintiffs. It is important to note that even if the defendants are found to have been negligent in their duty to provide adequate medical care, the costs of the surgical treatment will still need to be paid. The costs of a hip replacement operation are typically much more than the monetary damages awarded in a personal injury lawsuit. For these reasons, the best course of action for patients is to consult a qualified attorney who specializes in medical malpractice and other lawsuits of this type.

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