What If I Do Not Win My Car Accident Lawsuit?


If you are injured in a car accident in Georgia, you should immediately consult with a Conyers Car Accident Lawyer. An experienced car accident attorney can help guide you throughout the various steps involved in maximizing recovery potential for your particular case. A skilled car accident lawyer in Conyers, GA or car accident attorney will work closely with you to assess your injuries and recommend the best course of action to move forward with your case. In some cases, an experienced lawyer can even help you avoid having to go to court and settle your dispute outside of court.

Most car accidents occur because of negligence or improper driving techniques by the driver of the other vehicle. 

Whether you were injured in a traffic mishap or on your own property, a Georgia car accident lawyer is the person you need in the legal process. It is not easy to determine whether or not you were partly at fault for another motorist’s lack of courtesy or attention while driving. If you or someone else was injured, you will have to seek legal counsel to determine the extent of the liability on your part. An attorney trained in Georgia car accidents can help you decide if you are a candidate for no win no fee, structured settlements or other types of legal process designed to reduce the financial impact of the accident.

When you or someone else is injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the first thing you will want to do is determine who is at fault. If you are injured in a traffic mishap, contact the other driver to ask for details about the accident and the events that led up to it. If you were inside the car when the accident happened, contact the person who was driving to find out his/her whereabouts, if you can. Your personal injury cases will be different from the ones that involve someone else.

When you meet with your personal injury lawyer, it is very likely that you will find out that you are partially at fault for the accident.

This is common when you are dealing with car wreck cases. However, the Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that drivers can represent themselves in cases such as these. As long as you have hired a Georgia car accident lawyer to handle your case, you will be able to have your day in court and have a chance to prove that you were not at fault for the accident.

What if the other driver does not deny liability? If this happens, you will have to decide how much money you will want to receive. The Georgia Supreme Court has set a maximum compensation amount that a driver may receive for bodily injury or property damage caused during a car wreck. You will have to discuss this issue with your Conyers Car Accident Lawyer. You may wish to consult with an experienced attorney before proceeding. He or she will be able to determine whether or not you may be eligible for a settlement.

How much money will your Conyers car accident lawyer be able to achieve for you if he or she successfully sue the other driver? 

Most of the time, your lawyer will only get paid if he or she is successful in getting the maximum compensation claim. If you are unable to cover all of the expenses of the accident, your lawyer may not get paid anything at all. Some people do not like to think that they may not receive any money for their injuries or damages. However, you should know that if you have medical expenses, you should not delay making a claim for your injuries.

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