How To Immigrate To Canada With Low CRS Scores?


The Federal Express Entry system remains the primary way for economic immigrants in Canada. To measure the eligibility of the candidate, the Express Entry uses a comprehensive Ranking System and the minimum scores for all programs must be 450 or above to increase your chances of getting an invitation to apply for your express entry application. However, not every applicant is able to reach the minimum score limit and is often left searching for other options.

This minimum criterion for passing the Express Entry keeps changing so if you have not met the minimum criteria after making your online profile then you can wait for the score to drop or you can search for other alternatives that could help you achieve permanent residence in Canada.

There is a network of pathways that you can pursue to gain permanent residence such as programs for skilled workers, including the provincial programs. The provincial programs of Canada welcome thousands of newcomers every year, and the near estimate is over 60,000. By considering Express Entry as their only option to obtain citizenship in Canada, the economic immigration candidates are missing opportunities and reducing their chances.

With this article, Ronen Kurzfeld, who has been helping countless immigrants move to Canada has curated the following article to help people wanting to move to Canada understand their options.

1. Consider the provincial programs offered by Canada

Except for Quebec, all of Canada’s provinces function Express Entry-linked streams that allow the candidates to enter the pool even if they have scored significantly less than the required minimum CRS scores, and some do not even require the minimum score.

For example, Alberta has conducted four draws previously in which they have selected candidates with CRS scores as low as 300. The CRS scores for Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream have also significantly dropped the criteria for minimum scores. It was recorded to be 435 previously.

By receiving provincial nominations, the applicants can receive 600 points towards their total which can guarantee the ITA or Invitation to Apply in the upcoming Express Entry Draw.

How To Immigrate to Canada With Provincial Programs

Immigrate to Canada With Provincial Programs

If you have received a nomination from a Canadian province or territory then you can immigrate to the country through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The first step to pursue this option is to apply to the PNP in the area, meaning territory or province where you wish to settle. However, you must have the education, skills, or work experience needed to settle in Canada with which you can support yourself and your family.

Your application will be assessed by the province to see your eligibility for the economic or labor market needs of the country. After this, once you have received the approval. the next task is to apply for permanent residency within the given time period. They will also give you a suggestion on whether you should apply through the Regular application process or the Express Entry system.

  • Applying through a non-Express Entry PNP Stream: Applicants who applied for permanent residence and received a nomination under a non-Express Entry PNP stream can apply using the regular application process.
  • Applying through an Express Entry PNP stream: Applicants who are not under the Express Entry profile will be required to complete their Express Entry profile to be accepted in the pool. After that, they can begin the further process.

2. Apply For Permanent Residence By Coming To Canada On A Work Permit

Immigrate to Canada On A Work Permit

If even after going over your alternate option, you are unable to find the right solution to receive permanent residency in Canada they also have hope.

You can also choose to apply for permanent residency in the country by coming here on a work permit. The first step to this process would be to find an employer based in Canada who will offer you a job based on your skills. Apply to jobs in Canada by contacting agencies who offer recruitment from foreign countries and then after receiving a suitable job offer apply for a work permit in the country.

3. Immigration through a Business Program

Immigrate to Canada through a Business Program

If you are unable to find a suitable economic route to come to Canada then the country also provides various options for business investors to move to Canada. You can pursue this option by buying a business in the country and obtaining a temporary work visa.

Having Trouble Receiving Permanent Residence in Canada?

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